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Make Sure To Buy Your Sustainable Halloween Treats And Nag The Kids

There’s actually two parts to this article. One is the same old same old Hotcoldwetdry climate cultist tripe, the other is something about actual environmental damage Sustainable Halloween treats: Better for the planet and just as sweet It’s a given that Halloween treats are a little scary when it comes to kids’ dental health. But […]

If All You See…

…is coffee that will soon be too expensive from the climate crisis, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Political Clown Parade, with a post on Canada re-electing its first black prime minister.

California Governor Pardons Immigrants To Avoid Deportation

See, the usual talking point from the Open Borders crowd is that they do not want the bad ones, just the good ones. Yet, they keep protecting the ones who commit criminal acts California Governor Pardons Three Immigrant Felons to Avoid Deportation California Governor Gavin Newsom pardoned three immigrant felons last week to help them […]

Exxon Goes To Trial Today Over ‘Climate Change’, And The Lawsuit Has Shrunk

The original lawsuit was going to Take Down Exxon (despite all sorts of Warmists, from the supporters to the government agencies filing the suits, using lots of fossil fuels, including from Exxon). Now? The NY Post Editorial Board has thoughts The incredible collapsing ‘#ExxonKnew’ climate change lie On Tuesday, the progressive legal war on Exxon […]

Saving The Republic: Democrats To Delay Impeachment

Democrats keep telling us that impeachment is Very Important, that the very republic is at stake. That Orange Man Bad did very bad things. Yet, they refuse to take a formal vote on holding an impeachment investigation, block Republicans from being a part of it, do stuff in secret, don’t seem to want the so-called […]

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