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Leftist Theory: Trump Is Using Impeachment To Deflect From Gun Control

Well, let’s be honest: with all the other conspiracy theories flying around from the barking moonbats, this is actually not the craziest Vice: President Trump Is Using Impeachment to Avoid Gun Control Vice reports that Republicans indicated Trump is torpedoing gun control, but the only Republican to whom the media outlet directly attributes a quote is Sen. […]

If All You See…

…is a world killing canine, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is The Daley Gator, with a post on the Antifa trash.

Warmist Marshall Shepard: Snow In Rockies Doesn’t Disprove ‘Climate Change’, It Kinda Proves It

Wait, see, climate cultist Marshall Shepard isn’t really saying it does either, he’s just kinda wink winking that it’s all your fault The Blizzard In The Rockies Doesn’t Disprove Climate Change But People Will Say It Anyhow I predicted several days ago that some people would be tweeting that this early season snowstorm in parts […]

Say, What Can You Do If Eco-Anxiety Is Ruining Your Life Or Something

Really, should it be RUINING YOUR LIFE AND WE’RE ALL DOOMED? In all caps? Because they’re always losing their mind What to Do If Eco-Anxiety Is Ruining Your Mental Health When you’re young, you look to the future with equal doses of dread and optimism: fearing the obligatory baggage that comes with getting older but […]

Surprise: Hate Crime Blamed On Mike Pence’s Wife Was A Hoax

You know what happens whenever one of these hate crimes happens, right? I saw this a couple weeks back on Yahoo News, and most of the comments (comments tend to trend very right on stories there) were wondering if it was a hoax, betting on it being a hoax. It’s a hoax Sixth-Grade Girl Admits […]

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