Green New Deal Inventor Slams Climate Lunatics, Pushes Nuclear Power

He may still be a believer in anthropogenic climate change, but, he’s step back from the cliff

Inventor of Green New Deal Renounces Eco-Lunacy, Goes Nuclear

(Delingpole goes through a hole bunch of the climate nutter actions recently)

What does all this tell us about climate change? Nothing that we didn’t know already: that it’s a bogus cause, invented by dodgy, activist scientists, propped up by mainstream media lies and hysteria and promoted by soap-dodging loons who are not only naive and ill-informed but outrageously hypocritical in the way that they want to end Western Civilisation but still somehow keep their mobile phones powered…

This is why I was so pleased to meet just about the world’s only sensible Greenie, Mike Shellenberger. Shellenberger used to be a deep green activist – pushing heavily for renewables – but then saw the light.

He still cares about nature very much. But he thinks greenies like Extinction Rebellion are doing more harm than good.

Like this?


“So in the early 2000s I was the co-founder of our original Green New Deal. We called it the New Apollo Project. It was for a $300 billion investment in renewables. And we succeeded. We got President Obama, he did about $150 billion in renewables between 2007 and 2015 but right away we started running into big problems.

The first you’re all familiar with: unreliable electricity means you always have to have fossil fuel power plants backing up when the sun doesn’t shine or the wind doesn’t blow. But the other issue, which had a bigger impact on my heart, is the environmental impact of all those solar and wind farms.

So you started having local conservationists raising concerns about the impacts of wind farms on bird and bat species; about the impact of solar farms on our desert tortoise. So you started having environmental consequences of renewables. I started running the numbers. It takes 150 times more land to get the same amount of electricity from a solar farm as from a nuclear plant; 17 times more materials are required for solar than for nuclear; and if you just total up all the used solar panel waste compared with nuclear, solar actually creates 300 times more toxic waste than nuclear.

For me it was like, if I care about the environment, why are we not doing more nuclear power? Even if you don’t care about climate change. Nuclear has the smallest environmental footprint because it has the highest energy density. So for me my red pill moment was realising that energy density determines environmental impact. A single coke can of uranium provides enough energy for my entire life. Whereas it would require many train cars full of coal, oil or gas; many more of renewables. So that for me was what made me change my mind.”

Many leading climate cultists are also calling for nuclear, but, the wider Cult of Climastrology is dead set against it. AOC’s Green New Deal is against it, as are many of the climate (cult) plans from the Democrats running for the nomination. They should all try living strictly on solar and wind. See how that works out.

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4 Responses to “Green New Deal Inventor Slams Climate Lunatics, Pushes Nuclear Power”

  1. Dana says:

    The plane should have taken off anyway.

  2. John says:

    ??? Where are all those new coal jobs that your Messiah Trump promised?

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