Surprise: Solar Panels Don’t Work During Forced Blackouts

It’s obviously wildfire season in California, like it is pretty much every year. And one is going on. Which is, of course, being linked to/blamed on ‘climate change’. But, we’ll soon find out it was caused by mankind, just not through carbon pollution. And

Yeah, and that’s the scam. The power companies use the roofs of consumers to generate solar for the grid, not for the homeowners. All for some negligible discount. My parents power company in NJ does this, and, after my father and I read the terms, we realized it was almost no benefit for the parents, and, if something happened to the roof, it could take forever to fix. And cost more.

Oh, and even if they were feeding into the house (remember, California law now requires that all homes built in 2020 and going forward have solar panels), there would only be enough power to run a few lights. Maybe 1 fridge with everything else turned off.

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4 Responses to “Surprise: Solar Panels Don’t Work During Forced Blackouts”

  1. Aesop says:

    Only the dumb@$$ installations don’t work.

    If you put in your own system that goes to battery instead of grid, you laugh at “blackouts”.

    This is a tax on stupidity, nothing else.

  2. joe says:

    another reason the retards are leaving in droves…

  3. Kye says:

    Question: What did those crazy commies in California use before candles?

    Ans: electricty! Hahahaha

  4. Zendo Deb says:

    Solar panels work just fine, as long as you don’t have a grid-tie system. As Aesop says, install a system that uses batteries, size it correctly, replace you current fridge with something efficient like Sunfrost (you won’t like Sunfrost) and you can live off-grid.

    You can’t do it in most parts of the country where the state will require you to be connected to the grid. For your own good, of course.

    And there are grid-interactive systems that have batteries and sell excess power to the utility. The last time I checked they were still crazy expensive.

    Other caveats. The angle of your roof line is probably not the ideal angle for solar panels. Put them on a mount in your back yard. Moveable mount for seasonal adjustment is better. Self-moving mount to track the sun is expensive, but will still increase output by about 25% or so, depending on you location. (Can make sense today, even though the panels are cheaper, if you’re dealing with limited space.)

    Oh, and invest in an automatic watering system for you lead-acid batteries. (You do NOT need light-weight, high-tech batteries for a structure which never moves. That is Tesla/Musk’s biggest con.) If you really want to be set up for long-term, look at Iron-Edison batteries. Not sure they are cost effective, you are willing/able to do minimal maintenance.

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