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You Are Not Safe From The Existential Dread Of ‘Climate Change’ Or Something

This whole “everybody panic” stuff is just so 2006 You are not safe: My life under the existential dread of climate change Weeks after I moved to New Orleans from Los Angeles, I awoke around 7:30 in the morning to the sound of crackling lightning and pouring rain. I looked out the window, and dark […]

If All You See…

…are trees that will soon die from too much carbon pollution, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Jo Nova, with a post on the strategy of eco-worriors using Greta as a human shield.

ICE Arrests 54 In Sanctuary State Of New Jersey

Remember, the Open Borders advocates tell us that they only want the good illegals, not the bad ones, and ICE refers to these as “public safety threats”, meaning they aren’t just some schmuck who’s living here illegally ICE arrests 54 in N.J., slams local jails for releasing wanted immigrants Immigration officials arrested 54 people in New […]

United Nations Wants Whole New Economic System To Fight ‘Climate Change’

And they think a global Green New Deal is the platform to make this happen UN agency calls for global Green New Deal to overhaul financial system Only a global Green New Deal can provide governments with the muscle needed to take on the climate crisis, a UN development agency report released on Wednesday said. The United […]

Existential Crisis Or Something: House To Take Two Week Break After Announcing Impeachment Inquiry

Well, we already knew this whole Ukraine thing was super important, because Pelosi and the Dems are fundraising off of it This isn’t about politics. It isn’t about partisanship – Democrats versus Republicans. It’s about patriotism. It’s about the sanctity of the Constitution. And it’s about the future of our nation. Are you with me? […]

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