United Nations Wants Whole New Economic System To Fight ‘Climate Change’

And they think a global Green New Deal is the platform to make this happen

UN agency calls for global Green New Deal to overhaul financial system

Only a global Green New Deal can provide governments with the muscle needed to take on the climate crisis, a UN development agency report released on Wednesday said.

The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (Unctad), which was founded in 1964 to help developing countries to access equitable international trade, called on governments to overhaul the rules of the international trade and monetary systems so that all countries – in particular developing ones – could carry out the necessary mass investments to decarbonize their economies.

Unctad secretary general Mukhisa Kituyi said meeting the UN sustainable development goals, which include reining in the heating of the planet, “requires rebuilding multilateralism around the idea of a global Green New Deal, and pursuing a financial future very different from the recent past”.

“The global economy does not serve all people equally,” said Richard Kozul-Wright, director of Unctad’s division on globalization and development strategies, who oversaw the report. “Under the current configuration of policies, rules, market dynamics and corporate power, economic gaps are likely to increase and environmental degradation intensify.”

We can charitably call this a “command economy”, where the means of production, investment, prices, and incomes are determined centrally by a government, in this case, the United Nations, an institution that puts nations like Iran, Saudi Arabia, Syria, China, and Venezuela, among others, on its Human Rights Commission.

And they want to take all power away from sovereign nations and place it in the hands of unelected bureaucrats in the U.N.

The report found that global trade, be it under the form of regional or bilateral agreements, should not have the authority to shape questions such as the cross-border flow of capital, debt or equity. Instead, the international community should privilege capital controls and put an international system into place to oversee capital flow between countries, including developing ones.

And they want your money

“This is a big public investment push,” Kozul-Wright told Climate Home News. “It’s not going to be done by the private sector. You need public banks to finance this, because we don’t think that the current financial system as it is currently constructed will ever deliver finance to public goods of this kind on the scale that we’re talking about.”

You know the money isn’t coming out of the uber-rich in the U.N.

“This is a crisis that doesn’t belong in one place. It’s neither a north nor a south crisis and it requires global collaboration,” Pettifor said. “It’s echoing the revolutionary monetary theory that underpinned the New Deal.”

Funny how this supposed science issue is about changing the way the world works, eh?

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10 Responses to “United Nations Wants Whole New Economic System To Fight ‘Climate Change’”

  1. Kye says:

    It’s amusing that since the Hussein Administration every policy discussion is about “global” finances, rights, regulations and governance. The word “nationalism” has been deemed a PC version of “raaaaacist” since we no longer celebrate patriotism, nationalism or for that matter America. Only white supremacists, bigots, raaaaacists and the ignorant deplorables would put their country first in the “global” pecking order. After all these pukes were taught in the public schools WE fund that America is not exceptional, is steeped in raaaaacism and was NEVER great. What else would we expect but a nation full of AOC’s, Omars and Fredo’s?

    Trump 2020 Put America first…again!

  2. Dana says:

    Our esteemed host wrote:

    And they want to take all power away from sovereign nations and place it in the hands of unelected bureaucrats in the U.N.

    Since they happen to be those unelected bureaucrats in the UN, of course that’s what they want!

    So many of the images of the future have us with a single world government, but such a thing is simply glossed over, as some form of unquestionable good. In reality, a single world government is much more likely to be a despotism of some form.

    We can see it already, in the European Union: Americans see the idea as noble and good, but are uneducated concerning the real differences in European people. They have a multitude of languages and, unlike the US, have the various ethnicities geographically restricted; Frenchmen are Frenchmen first, not Europeans first.

    Several ethnic groups were forced to live together in the former Yugoslavia, but that nation was held together by Marshall Tito. When he went to his eternal reward, his successors tried to hold together that unnatural polyglot of peoples, and failed; it took only a couple of goons who thought they could take more power by inflaming ethnic differences, and while it cost them in the end, it demonstrated how easily those ethnic tensions could be inflamed. Yugoslavia is now gone, replaced by several ethnically based countries.

    Many Scots want to separate from the United Kingdom, the Basques want to separate from Spain, the Chechnyans want independence from Russia, the Kurds want a nation independent from Syria, Iraq and Turkey, and the list goes on and on. Maybe we ought to consider that people really don’t want ‘diversity.’

  3. Doom and Gloom says:

    Too funny.

    All this whining, complaining and screaming and the US is the lone country that has continually tackled pollution and other carbon emission problems like no other.


    The UN continues to scream we need this and we need that and we need this and we need that all the while 195 countries are all on board the AGW WAGON.

    Whats the problem?

    The problem is they WANT THE USA to pay for everything because they know we are their sugar daddy.

    China? Russia? Inida? Canada? NOT happening dudes. SO its the USA’s problem. Shame them into action while the rest of the world does NOTHING but pretend to be AGW concious.

  4. Doom and Gloom says:

    Maybe we ought to consider that people really don’t want ‘diversity.’

    I agree totally but the scream to your post is YOUR A RACIST WHITE NATIONALIST. Hitler was your daddy and you wear a sheet over your head at night.

    You are right. Everyone in this world is their race comes first. It’s a natural form of only the strong survive. Survival of the fittest. A thing built into human beings and for that matter all form of animal life.

    You rarely see Bears and sheep hanging out together like the SJW’s of this world want of our cultures. We are greater than that!

    No, we are not. We are a failed species that has a long way to go in our evolution and its like Amputating a leg because one day you might break it. That is where SJW in this world is leading us. We as a species are not ready for differing cultures to live together in harmony.

    • Dana says:

      I greatly expanded that comment to a post on my website.

      After centuries of living together, in the Austro-Hungarian Empire and then later in Czechoslovakia, as soon as they had the opportunity, white Czechs and white Slovaks decided that they wanted a separate Czech Republic and Slovakia. After being united since World War II under Marshall Tito, the various ethnicities of Yugoslavia decided that they hated each other, and broke into separate nations, after the Serbs tried to impose their will on the other ethnic groups; all of them were white.

      The white Basques want to separate from the white Spaniards, the white Quebecois want to separate from the white English-speaking Canadians, many of the white Scots want to separate from the white United Kingdom, the white Chechnyans want to separate from the white Russians, and on and on and on. The Ukrainians and the Byelorussians and the Estonians and Latvians and Lithuanians all wanted to separate from the Russians, with whom they’d lived since the seventeenth century, and all of them were white and Slavic. The very white Finns gained independence from very white Russia early in the twentieth century.

  5. Kye says:

    People naturally want to associate with their own kind. It’s not raaaaacist, it’s natural. One wants to be around others with whom they have things in common not people who don’t share common culture, traits, beliefs and language.

    For years the hate America first contingent of the DemCom party has preached “Diversity is our strength” which, like everything else they promote is a down right lie. Unity is our strength. As in E Pluribus Unum. They lie when they tout “We are a nation of immigrants”. No we’re not, we’re a nation of Citizens. Every nation in the world is full of immigrants either recent or past. Even Japan was settled by Chinese and/or Mongols and Japan is about as homogeneous as a nation can get.

    Our goal as a nation and a people should be to treat everyone fairly and equally under the law and provide as many as possible with the opportunities to grow and prosper. But there can’t be guarantees because that would mean force. And the government should never use it’s coercive power or it’s taxing power to reward or punish certain citizens over others.

  6. Kye says:

    Sometimes it takes a black guy to explain race to people. Here’s Ali’s take.


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