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Hot Idea: Tax Companies Which Replace Workers With Robots

So: Artificially increase payroll cost through unrealistic, SJW minimum wage raises Companies replace workers with automation to stay in business Tax those companies Is there anything that Democrats do not want to tax? As President, I would issue a robot tax for corporations displacing humans, and create a federal agency to oversee automation. https://t.co/W9JWIFFDaN — […]

If All You See…

…is a wonderful big city which everyone could live in so Everyone Else’s cars could be banned, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Moonbattery, with a post on NASCAR taking a left turn on guns.

UN Claims Human Rights Violations From ‘Climate Change’ Or Something

The United Nations, comprised of numerous hardcore dictators, is Concerned UN sounds alarm over climate change’s impact on human rights Climate change is not only having a devastating impact on the environments we live in, but also on respect for human rights globally, the UN warned Monday, urging collective action. UN rights chief Michelle Bachelet […]

Bloomberg News Advises Democrats That Americans Won’t Pay Their Carbon Taxes

This is an amusing piece by Ramesh Ponnuru, since it is in a news source owned by hyper-Warmist Michael Bloomberg, himself a believer in carbon taxes. Democrats: Americans Won’t Pay Your Carbon Taxes Much has been made of the willingness of Democratic presidential candidates to risk taking positions that aren’t popular with voters at large […]

California Passes Red Flag Law Expansion Bill, NRA Sues San Francisco

This won’t lead to a major increase of swatting, right? California could expand use of gun violence restraining orders under bill sent to governor California teachers, school administrators and employers could ask the courts to take guns away from people they see as a danger to themselves or the public under a major expansion of […]

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