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As Trump Enforces Federal Law On Border, Asylum Mooches Find Other Nations To Head To

All President Trump is doing is enforcing federal law as passed by the duly elected Legislative branch, signed into law by duly elected previous presidents. And, shockingly, the people streaming to the U.S. find that they can, in fact, go elsewhere. They just won’t be given everything free like here As Trump tightens the U.S. […]

If All You See…

…is a rising sea that requires government control due to Other People’s carbon pollution, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Maggie’s Farm, with a post wondering if American higher education can be restored. I’m hoping the photo shows, having problems with Photobucket this morning.

Philosophy Of Eternalism Can Help With Climate Distress Or Something

The notion of “eco-anxiety” has been growing quite a bit lately, the notion that we are Doomed from a tiny increase in carbon dioxide. Since ‘climate change’ has almost nothing to do with the environment/ecology, perhaps “climate distress” works better. Climate insanity would be unfair to people with actual mental illness. How about climate nutbaggery? […]

Climate Alarmists Are Now Pushing For A “Blue New Deal”

You’ve heard of the Green New Disaster, er, Deal, right? That’s all about controlling everything on the land and air for the United States and the citizens. It kinda forgot about the oceans, and surely all water bodies in the U.S. And Warmists are getting super-excited over it, despite not bothering to even attempt to […]

Kamala Harris Has A Plan To Make The Lives Of Criminals Much Easier

When she was a prosecutor in California, and all the way up to California’s Attorney General, Kamala was actually rather hardcore on criminals. Now that she is an elected Democrat, and running for the Democratic nomination for president, she is patronizing the hardcores in the Democrat base Harris seeks end to executions, cash bail, private […]

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