Kamala Harris Has A Plan To Make The Lives Of Criminals Much Easier

When she was a prosecutor in California, and all the way up to California’s Attorney General, Kamala was actually rather hardcore on criminals. Now that she is an elected Democrat, and running for the Democratic nomination for president, she is patronizing the hardcores in the Democrat base

Harris seeks end to executions, cash bail, private prisons

California Sen. Kamala Harris, whose record as a prosecutor has been under scrutiny since she entered the presidential race, has unveiled a criminal justice plan that calls for abolishing the death penalty, ending cash bail and collecting more data on officer-involved shootings.

Harris condemns the death penalty as “immoral, discriminatory, ineffective, and a gross misuse of taxpayer dollars.”

The California Democrat also calls for eliminating mandatory minimum sentencing at the federal level and ending the use of private prisons as well as solitary confinement.

Harris says a national standard should be established to allow the use of deadly force only when “necessary” and when no reasonable alternatives are available. She also wants to create a National Police Systems Review Board, which would collect data and review police shootings and cases of alleged severe misconduct. The board would issue recommendations and implement safety standards based on evidence revealed in reviews.

Got that? Make things easier for criminals, go after police. Buzzfeed News notes

It checks many of the boxes of the progressive criminal justice reform movement: legalizing marijuana and expunging past convictions; ending cash bail, mandatory sentencing minimums, and the death penalty; and banning private prisons. And it also includes some new touches that are rooted in Harris’s prosecutorial career, like a focus on reducing recidivism and the creation of a Bureau of Children and Family Justice, which mimics a division Harris created as California attorney general to focus on education, welfare, and juvenile justice.

Yet, despite her words on the death penalty, she’s all in for abortion on demand with zero restrictions. Further, while she’s going soft on criminals, she’s all in on making it harder and harder for law abiding citizens to have a firearm to protect themselves from the criminals she’s gone soft on.

Does Kamala think this will play well during the general election, if she makes?

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One Response to “Kamala Harris Has A Plan To Make The Lives Of Criminals Much Easier”

  1. Professor Hale says:

    I can agree with ending cash bail. It seems to me that the current system favors the rich and impoverishes even innocent people awaiting trial. Add to that that most bail amounts are totally arbitrary and you create a system that is ripe for fraud, and corruption.

    People who are a threat to the community need to be held in jail, pending a speedy trial. People who are not a threat need to be released while awaiting trial.

    If we want to get ambitious, the whole system should be restructured to emphasize restitution instead of prison. People who are beyond rehabilitation and are a threat to others needs to be put to death, not held for 20 years of endless appeals.

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