ICE Arrests 54 In Sanctuary State Of New Jersey

Remember, the Open Borders advocates tell us that they only want the good illegals, not the bad ones, and ICE refers to these as “public safety threats”, meaning they aren’t just some schmuck who’s living here illegally

ICE arrests 54 in N.J., slams local jails for releasing wanted immigrants

Immigration officials arrested 54 people in New Jersey in a week-long operation targeting immigrants who had been previously released from local jails under a controversial policy that limits when police can cooperate with immigration agents, federal officials said Thursday.

The arrested immigrants included people from a dozen countries, including 21 from Mexico, nine from El Salvador and seven from Brazil, Immigrations and Customs Enforcement officials said.

The sweep targeted immigrants living in the country illegally who had been released from local jails in New Jersey instead of being turned over to ICE’s enforcement and removal operations — known as ERO — for possible deportation.

ICE officials also released a “wanted poster” showing other immigrants they are seeking who had been released from county jails in New Jersey.

The announcement of the 54 arrests, made at an ICE press conference in Newark, escalated a dispute between New Jersey officials and federal immigration officials over the state’s policies on when local jails can honor requests to hold prisoners.

The new rules – called the Immigrant Trust Directive — say local jails can’t honor an “ICE detainer” in New Jersey unless the detainee has been charged with or convicted of a serious crime or has a pending deportation order from a judge.

ICE calls New Jersey a sanctuary state over this rule, because, really, the jails end up releasing almost all illegals. And, while ICE did not release the names and crimes of the 54, they did note others they are looking for

Luciano Trejo-Dominguez, 33, was arrested Aug. 12 by Vineland police for alleged sexual assault of a minor between 13 and 15 years old, ICE officials said. Immigration officials issued a detainer request that he be held at the Cumberland County Jail after his arrest, but he was released Aug. 23.

Edgar Camarillo-Ruiz, 33, was arrested by New Brunswick police for alleged simple assault/ domestic violence Aug. 18, ICE officials said. Immigration officials issued a detainer request the following day, but he was released from the Middlesex County Jail.

Elvis Rafael Cabrera-Vasquez, 38, was arrested on Christmas Eve last year by Perth Amboy police for alleged simple assault/ domestic violence. He was released from the Middlesex County Jail the same day despite an ICE detainer request, federal officials said. He was arrested again on Feb. 14 for allegedly violating a judge’s domestic violence restraining order and released again by county officials.

So, sexual assault on a child. Any Open Borders advocate want to defend releasing this scumbag? Further, the same Open Borders folks tend to also be gun grabbers, and would want to take the firearms away from anyone accused of domestic violence. Yet, they’ll allow illegal aliens to go free.

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7 Responses to “ICE Arrests 54 In Sanctuary State Of New Jersey”

  1. I’m not seeing much of a difference between NJ releasing criminals onto the streets, and ICE releasing those same criminals back onto the streets in another country, from whence they quickly return to NJ streets.

    Criminal predators should be put to death. No ICE required.

  2. John says:

    54 arrested out of 12000000
    How is that in anyway significant except ad a joke ?
    Why not instead tell us about how nanny governments are trying to regulate gaping which is perfectly safe

    • Nighthawk says:

      18 out of 10,000,000+ people who vape is insignificant.

    • Professor Hale says:

      Once again. John writes in a shorthand that only he understands.

    • david7134 says:

      Your comment, as usual, displays a significant degree of ignorance. It would be nice for you and Jeff to comment and give another view, but most of what you are concerned about is secondary to a lack of knowledge or faulty logic. You are so concerned about the welfare of the middle class citizens, but then support the illegal aliens who are taking US citizens jobs or keeping their wages low. Then they the up social programs meant for our citizens.

      As to vaping, it is not harmless. Gaping of tobacco products still carries risk of traditional tobacco. Gaping of substances with an oil base is very dangerous as it leads to opioid pneumonia. You are getting only a token amount of information.

    • gitarcarver says:

      Once again we see John’s support of criminals against law abiding citizens.

      That may be one of the big differences between liberals and conservatives. Liberals, who hate laws and are willing to throw victims under the legal bus say “it’s only x number of people out of y.”

      The victims say “that x number of people won’t harm others again like they did me.”

      It’s personnel when you are victim of assault, domestic assault and sexual assault on a child.

      The left would rather have criminals than give up their hate emanating from the basement of their mother’s home than protect the innocent.

      After all, hate is all the left has. (Although they might light pizza rolls that their mother cooks for them.)

    • formwiz says:

      How is that in anyway significant except ad a joke ?

      Because the InterContinental Railroad wasn’t built all at once.

      Why not instead tell us about how nanny governments are trying to regulate gaping* which is perfectly safe

      The nanny states are your doing, your people.

      And it’s not. Ever hear, “Rip him a new one”? That’s what needs to be done when the sphincters are wrecked.

      Not surprised you think there’s nothing wrong with it.

      If we’re talking gaping, more than one connotation, apparently. Vaping is something else. And vaping is just as bad or worse than regular smoking.

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