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Police Arrested 70 Hotcoldwetdry Protesters Outside Of Evil Carbon Polluting NY Times Building Or Something

Who can blame them? The NY Times building has a huge carbon footprint, and the company itself uses vast amounts of fossil fuels to gather, create, and disseminate their version of the news Police arrest 70 climate change protesters outside New York Times Police arrested 70 environmental protesters outside the New York Times headquarters who […]

If All You See…

…is The blog of the day is The Lid, with a post wondering if you really want you daughter to read Teen Vogue. It’s ladies on the water week! As always, these posts are open discussion.

Sorta Blogless Sunday Pinup

Happy Sunday! Another fantastic day in America. Summer is in the air, there’s a hawk that keeps flying around behind my townhouse (which is cool), and the Dodgers keep on winning. And, if you’re going to have a touch of insomnia, it’s great when it happens on a night were you can sleep in. This […]

Trump Delays Plan To Deport Illegal Aliens Under Final Orders

This really does make one wonder what the real idea is behind this. Is he really attempting to play nice with Democrats? Or is he setting them up? Or, it could be that ICE wasn’t ready, or that the delay will make it easier to get the illegals in a week or two Trump Says […]

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