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A Green New Deal Needs To Be Global, Not Local, Or Something

Remember, the Green New Deal is ostensibly about saving the world from ‘climate change’. Strange how it seems to be about so many other things A ‘Green New Deal’ Needs to Be Global, Not Local In the US and the U.K., the Green New Deal movement has galvanized hope for transitioning to the more equitable […]

If All You See…

…are evil fossil fueled vehicles that Other People should be forced to give up, you might just be a warmist The blog of the day is NoTricksZone, with a post on Florida islands growing in the age of doomy sea rise.

AMC, Home Of Walking Dead Franchise, Considers Pulling Productions Out Of Georgia Over Abortion Law

I haven’t bothered writing about this whole kerfuffle, but, it’s getting really silly. Do film and TV show networks really want to pick abortion on demand as their hill to die on? Apparently, yes AMC Could Pull Productions from Georgia — Taking ‘The Walking Dead’ Franchise With It AMC is the latest major entertainment company […]

Surprise: To Save The Planet From Hotcoldwetdry, You’ll Need To Sacrifice A Lot

Every once in a while, a member of the Cult of Climastrology comes out and says what they really want to do and what their policies will do to your life. Here’s Warmist Emily Atkin in the far left The New Republic You Will Have to Make Sacrifices to Save the Planet When it comes […]

AOC Throws Gay Slur At Democrat John Delaney Over Him Downplaying Medicare For All

Of course, everyone is going “who?” when it comes to John Delaney, and he’ll be lucky if he makes the debate stage (the same with a lot of known Dems) Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tells 2020 Democrat John Delaney to ‘please sashay away’ Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) blasted 2020 Democratic candidate John Delaney for remarks Sunday at […]

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