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Your Fault: Mental Stress Of Coastal Residents Rising Due To ‘Climate Change’

See, if only you hadn’t driven a fossil fueled vehicle and/or taken a fossil fueled flight to vacation in these coastal areas providing them with money and jobs they wouldn’t have mental stress, you guys Mental Stress on Rise as Coastal Towns Confront Climate Threats When community leaders in the town of Piermont, just north […]

If All You See…

…is carbon pollution floating freely in the sky, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is The Right Scoop, with a post on ABC News covering Joe Biden and his son’s sketchy dealings while Joe was VP.

Bummer: ICE Set To Start Mass Arrests Sunday

This will make the supporters of illegal immigration super sad all weekend long ICE set to begin immigration raids in 10 cities on Sunday Immigration and Customs Enforcement is pressing forward with a plan to remove, arrest and deport families with court-ordered removals in 10 cities beginning Sunday, according to a senior immigration official, after […]

Democrat Primary Voters Totally Prefer AOC’s Green New Deal Over Biden’s Hotcoldwetdry Plan Or Something

Would this be the plan that she refuses to demand it get a vote on in the House, that House isn’t even considering, and that Democrats, including AOC, had a hissy fit over when a vote was held on it in the Senate, where almost every single Democrat voted “present”? Democratic primary voters overwhelmingly prefer […]

Person With Zero Evidence Accuses Trump Of Sexual Assault, Refuses To File Charges

I think she got her timeline wrong: she was supposed to wait till  the Democratic primaries are over, perhaps till September 2020, in order to hurt Trump at the ballot box Columnist accuses Trump of sexual assault more than two decades ago, an allegation he denies E. Jean Carroll, a New York-based writer and longtime […]

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