Democrat Primary Voters Totally Prefer AOC’s Green New Deal Over Biden’s Hotcoldwetdry Plan Or Something

Would this be the plan that she refuses to demand it get a vote on in the House, that House isn’t even considering, and that Democrats, including AOC, had a hissy fit over when a vote was held on it in the Senate, where almost every single Democrat voted “present”?

Democratic primary voters overwhelmingly prefer Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal to Joe Biden’s climate plan

Democratic voters might be more progressive on climate change than conventional wisdom would suggest.

Democratic primary voters much prefer the more ambitious plans to fight climate change proposed by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Washington Gov. Jay Inslee over former Vice President Joe Biden’s relatively less aggressive proposal, according to new INSIDER polling.

A plurality — 42% — of Democratic voters said they prefer a plan that aims to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2030 by any means necessary. About 15% of likely Republican primary voters said the same. These preferences most closely resemble Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal resolution, which calls for “net-zero greenhouse gas emissions” through a decade-long “national mobilization” that would likely come at huge public expense.

Just 23% of Democrats said they preferred the plan by Inslee, who is running for president, to invest $3 trillion over 10 years to get a net-zero carbon emissions energy grid by 2030 and net-zero carbon emissions altogether by 2045. Inslee’s proposal is the most far-reaching in the 2020 presidential field, and the most amenable option for Democratic primary voters preferring a more ambitious plan than that put forward by Biden.

A significantly smaller portion of Democrats — 14% — said they favored Biden’s plan, which would invest $1.7 trillion over 10 years to get net-zero carbon emissions no later than 2050.

Notice that the article doesn’t really provide much in the way of detail of AOC’s GND, because it is pretty much a massive disaster which would result in enormous jobs losses, stifled economic movement, control of our lives, and so much more, for a potential price tag of $93 trillion. Yes, the other plans are bad, but, it’s like comparing a NY Strip with a Kobi beef Filet.

So, when are these Democratic primary voters going to give up their own use of fossil fuels and make their lives carbon neutral?

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