Trump Delays Plan To Deport Illegal Aliens Under Final Orders

This really does make one wonder what the real idea is behind this. Is he really attempting to play nice with Democrats? Or is he setting them up? Or, it could be that ICE wasn’t ready, or that the delay will make it easier to get the illegals in a week or two

Trump Says He’ll Delay Deportation Operation Aimed at Undocumented Families

President Trump on Saturday delayed plans for nationwide raids to deport undocumented families, but he threatened to unleash Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents in two weeks if Democrats do not submit to changes in asylum law they have long opposed.

The announcement, made on Twitter as Mr. Trump was meeting with aides at Camp David, was the president’s latest attempt to pressure his adversaries into making immigration changes. Last month, he threatened to levy tariffs on Mexico unless it did more to stop the flow of migrants into the United States.

Immigration agents had been planning to sweep into several immigrant communities in 10 major cities — including Miami, Los Angeles, Baltimore and Chicago — beginning on Sunday. Officials said on Friday that they had targeted about 2,000 families in a show of force intended to demonstrate their strict enforcement of immigration laws. Children of immigrants — some of whom were born in the United States — had faced the prospect of being forcibly separated from their undocumented parents.

The president’s abrupt reversal on Saturday came as lawmakers were considering a measure to send $4.5 billion in humanitarian aid to the border, money the Trump administration has said is desperately needed to handle a huge influx of migrants.

Some Democrats, including members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, had threatened to withhold their support for the funding package when it comes to a vote in the House this upcoming week, in protest of Mr. Trump’s immigration policies. The specter of high-profile immigration raids had risked imperiling its chances of passage.

So, Democrats were willing to block a bill meant to help all the people showing up at border demanding asylum because a federal agency was going to do the job they were created to do, namely, enforce federal immigration laws regarding people being unlawfully present in the United States? After all this time of whining about “concentration camps”? Huh.

BTW, not once in this NY Times piece, you know, The Paper Of Record, is it mentioned that the illegals in question are under final deportation orders, having gone through the full process and judges making those final determinations.

Democratic lawmakers and immigration activists had demanded in recent days that the raids be prevented, calling them a cruel attack on minority communities whose only crime was illegally entering the country.

The law states that the penalty for such is a small fine and deportation. If they do not like this, change the law. Consider that many have actually broken other laws, usually including identity theft, which harms citizens. They are also sucking up funds and resources that should go to legal U.S. citizens.

But Mr. Trump made clear he planned to use the threat of family deportations to extract concessions from Democratic lawmakers. He said he had delayed the raids “to see if the Democrats and Republicans can get together and work out a solution to the Asylum and Loophole problems at the Southern Border.”

“If not, Deportations start!” he tweeted.

Of course, Democrats are still nutso

That came out right before Trump said he would delay the raids. Here’s a sitting member of the U.S. Congress, who took an oath to uphold the Constitution and all laws, telling people they should shelter illegal aliens under final deportation orders. People were wondering if she would open up her own fancy pants home to shelter illegals.

If Democrats are smart, they’ll negotiate to help fix some issues at the border. We all know they won’t, because there are enough nutters like AOC, who will be tweeting and speaking out, getting their soundbites, and telling U.S. citizens that they aren’t serious about protecting the U.S.

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  1. Professor Hale says:

    They have the right to not open the door? I wish I had that right. It would particularly come in handy the next time an illegal alien knocks on my national border.

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