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Richmond, California Joins Climahysteric Lawsuits Against Companies That Allow City To Operate

Richmond will soon be added to the list that Exxon Mobil and others sue back (Think Progress) Richmond, California has become the ninth city in less than a year to bring major fossil fuel companies to court over climate change. On Monday, the city announced that it was filing a lawsuit against 29 oil, gas, and coal companies […]

If All You See…

…is a horrible fossil fueled vehicle causing heat snow, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is White House Dossier, with a post on a misleading poll.

Illegal Alien “Dreamers” Blocking Disney Entrance Certainly Helps Gain Supporters, Eh?

This really doesn’t help the cause. But, hey, since they’re here illegally, I recommend that the “Dreamers” keep doing things like this to turn public sentiment against them (via Twitchy) DACA recipients temporarily blocked the entrance to Disneyland as an act of civil disobedience https://t.co/eqexDhvDxA pic.twitter.com/6iUhVRp251 — Los Angeles Times (@latimes) January 23, 2018 The […]

Because You Ate A Steak From A Moo Cow, ‘Climate Change’ Moved A 620 Ton Rock In Ireland

According to Cult of Climastrology doctrine, the Earth is always supposed to stay the same. The same temperature, same weather patterns, animals never change, it’s always the same. Well, I’m blaming your for this A storm moved a 620-tonne rock in Ireland, a stunning new climate change omen Along the rocky coasts of Ireland’s Aran […]

Trump: No Wall Funding? No DACA

Democrats just do not get that Trump is not your typical patsy Republican. When you attack him, he won’t wilt. When you make political threats, he won’t back down. Instead, he comes back harder. Republicans do not need DACA. They don’t have to do it. They don’t have to find some pathway to legalization for […]

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