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Democrats Super New Tax Idea: Charge Higher Taxes For Property Near Subway Stations

Do Democrats sit around all day thinking “what else can we tax?” Probably so (NY Times) Ever since August Belmont Jr. arranged the financing for a four-track “underground railroad” more than a century ago, the subway has fueled New York City’s economy, delivering workers from homes in distant neighborhoods to jobs in Manhattan and enriching landlords and […]

If All You See…

…is a world turning to desert from carbon pollution, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Gay Patriot, with a post on ultra privileged multi-millionaires who live in gated communities….

Forget ‘Climate Change’, We Can Now Call It “Atmosphere Cancer”

Rather serendipitous, we had Excitable Juan Cole calling it carbon farting earlier, now we have this, via Watts Up With That? (graphic from same) ‘Call it atmosphere cancer’ – How the world’s best-known marketer would tackle global warming Much of Seth Godin’s work – his famous blog; his books and TED talks – convey the […]

We Have To Stop Farting Carbon To Stop ‘Climate Change’ Or Something

This is brought to you by Excitable Juan Cole at the always nutty Truthout In the Age of Big Climate Change, We Have to Stop Farting Carbon This past year is what the era of Big Climate Change looks like. We are only at the beginning of the massive changes we are making to our […]

Democrats And Squishy Republicans Want To Narrow Focus Of DACA Bill

Of course they do. And once Trump and the non-squishy Republicans agree to narrowing the focus, Democrats will demand that border security be cut and a “clean” bill be passed (Washington Post) Lawmakers in both parties said Sunday that the immigration debate should focus narrowly on efforts to legalize young immigrants known as “dreamers” and […]

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