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Those Horrendous GOP Tax Cuts Cause Power Bills To Be Lowered

So, let’s see, we have tons of companies giving bonuses and stuff to their workers. Now this (via Twitchy) Pepco says it will lower electric bills for almost 300,000 ratepayers in D.C., largely because its corporate tax rate was slashed from 35 to 21 percent in GOP tax bill. pic.twitter.com/St9Vym5ILF — Martin Austermühle (@maustermuhle) January […]

If All You See…

…is a helmet needed due to carbon pollution, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Moonbattery, with a post on the human cost of illegal immigration.

Exxon Fights Back, Prepares To Sue California Cities

And big companies like Exxon usually have better and smarter lawyers on their payroll than most cities (Forbes) Some government officials in California are hypocrites pushing a political agenda that involves using private lawyers to sue and demonize ExxonMobil, the company is now arguing in a Texas state court. On Jan. 8, Exxon took the […]

‘Climate Change’ May Have Helped Spark Latest Iranian Protest Or Something

These frickin’ people, it really does act like a cult in that every single thing has to be caused by/linked to anthropogenic climate change Climate Change May Have Helped Spark Iran’s Protests One of Iran’s biggest economic challenges has been a cycle of extreme droughts that began in the 1990s So they started in the […]

NY Times: Other Border Measures Would Be Cut To Help Pay For Wall

Every once in a while, hardcore Progressive #Resist sites like the NY Times will commit random acts of journalism. Even if the main point is about attempting to slam President Trump, because that is first and foremost in every article, it seems, and really belongs in the opinion section. In this case, though, they’re actually […]

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