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Surprise: Climate Movies Flopped In 2017

Which, for the most part, has happened in most years, but, they really pimped it this year Hollywood tries to save the Earth, but moviegoers aren’t buying eco-messages anymore Climate change got its close-up in 2017. A gaggle of films either name-checked Al Gore’s biggest fear or built their narratives around it. The timing, in theory, […]

If All You See…

…is a treeline receding from too much carbon pollution, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day Adrienne’s Corner, with a post on New Year’s 2018. It was tempting to do something with cold weather, by, let’s think warm thoughts and girls in denim.

Trump May Possibly Maybe Start Deporting “Dreamers” In 2018!

Newsweek is quickly becoming a clickbait hive of insanity, along the lines of Slate and Salon. Or the Democratic Underground. And they’re totally not above a bit of fear-mongering WILL TRUMP START DEPORTING DREAMERS IF NO DEAL IS REACHED IN 2018? Per orders from President Donald Trump, the Deferred Action and Childhood Arrivals program, or […]

To Save Us From An Over-heated Planet, California Mostly Bans Incandescent Light Bulbs

It’s the same argument as when the federal law was passed in 2007: it’s not an actual ban, but, by putting in place such strong requirements, the law effectively banned incandescent light bulbs. California is two years ahead of the federal law Goodbye to the incandescent light. Climate change means you have to go, but […]

High Tax Democrat States Looking For Ways To Blunt Tax Law Or Something

Democrats have lots of ideas: none of them really seem to revolve around lowering the tax rate for their citizens, nor anything else that has caused these Blue states, like NJ and NY, to lose residents, leading to a loss of federal Representatives Democrats in High-Tax States Plot to Blunt Impact of New Tax Law […]

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