Those Horrendous GOP Tax Cuts Cause Power Bills To Be Lowered

So, let’s see, we have tons of companies giving bonuses and stuff to their workers. Now this (via Twitchy)

Kinda the opposite of when Democrats raise taxes and the minimum wage: bad things happen. A good recent example is this piece from Canada.

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3 Responses to “Those Horrendous GOP Tax Cuts Cause Power Bills To Be Lowered”

  1. Nate says:

    ZOMG!!!! Lower electric bills means people will use more which’ll increase global warming cooling climate change climate weirding hotcoldwetdry!!!!!!!

  2. Dana says:

    Horrors! Lowered power bills are the last thing the Warmunists want to see. I mean, what if that power was generated by coal?

    Of course, utilities are heavily regulated, and Pepco might be trying to get ahead of the Public Service Commission, which could try to force even lower rates.

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