Illegal Alien “Dreamers” Blocking Disney Entrance Certainly Helps Gain Supporters, Eh?

This really doesn’t help the cause. But, hey, since they’re here illegally, I recommend that the “Dreamers” keep doing things like this to turn public sentiment against them (via Twitchy)

The police eventually came and drove them off, but, as some where tweeting, where’s the story of how American families had their day ruined by these illegal aliens? And

Meanwhile, Tucker Carlson got into it with Albany mayor and pro-illegal alien supporter Kathy Sheehan, and Sheehan tried to argue that people who are in the country illegally have all sorts of Constitution rights, and are super hard working

“It’s not about being born here, it’s a matter of citizenship. Citizenship is meaningful to most Americans, they think it, you’re different when you’re a citizen from when you’re not,” said Carlson.

“And they want to be on a path to citizenship. These are young people who are working hard, and have worked hard, and want to be on a path to…” trailed Sheehan.

“No, no these are people who, in the middle of a weekday, were blocking Disneyland, so don’t tell me that they were working hard,” stated Carlson.

Let them keep burning good will. They also protested at Chuck Schumer’s NYC office, making a lot of noise and creating problems.

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2 Responses to “Illegal Alien “Dreamers” Blocking Disney Entrance Certainly Helps Gain Supporters, Eh?”

  1. drowningpuppies says:

    A couple of ICE vans would have ended that bullshit real quick.

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