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Bummer: ‘Climate Change’ To Make Thunderstorms Larger And More Frequent

You know what this soothsaying by the AP’s resident hyper-Warmist Seth Borenstein means, right? That thunderstorm activity is going to immediately become much, much less (News-Press Now)  Summer thunderstorms in North America likely will be larger, wetter and more frequent in a warmer world, dumping 80 percent more rain in some areas and worsening flooding, […]

If All You See…

…is horrible carbon pollution created heat snow, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Bookworm Room, with a post on The Atlantic lying in regards to claims that Trump supporters are raaaaacists.

Oh Noes: Latest Poll Shows More Americans Are Concerned About Global Warming

Obviously, this totally upholds what the Cult of Climastrology are pushing (Clean Technica) Opinions are like noses — everyone has one. While opinions aren’t really worth much — I am of the opinion that I am one of the world’s best writers, for instance, but few share that view — they are important indicators of how […]

Arresting Illegal Aliens At Courthouses Undermines Democracy Or Something

The New York Times gives César Cuauhtémoc García Hernández, a tenured associate professor of law at the University of Denver, who is big into protecting people who are unlawfully present in the United States, a platform to fear-monger. He thinks that ICE’s Courthouse Arrests Undercut Democracy At the door of the Lindsey-Flanigan Courthouse in Denver one […]

Silly Person Sues President Trump To Block Interim Appointment To Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Someone had a major snit fit, and is going to look silly at the end (Fox News) A federal official filed a lawsuit on Sunday challenging President Trump’s decision to appoint his budget director as interim director of a Consumer Financial Protection Agency, claiming Trump has no authority to make the appointment. Leandra English, the […]

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