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Report: Fewer Brits Will Die From Cold Due To ‘Climate Change’

Just like back during previous Holocene warm periods. (UK Telegraph)  Climate change may have unexpected benefits for Britons because fewer people will die from the cold during the winter, a new study suggests. Although many regions of the world will see death rates soar as the climate heats-up, in northern Europe hot weather mortality will […]

If All You See…

…is a horrible carbon pollution spewing airplane, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Victory Girls Blog, with a post on Hijab Barbie.

Are Gun Grabbers Attempting To Rebrand Gun Control To Gun Safety?

For a long time now, the gun grabbers (who often refuse to give up their own firearms and/or armed security) have used the phrase “gun control.” They’ve worked in the gun safety here and there, but, it looks like they could be making a concerted effort to rebrand, much in the way they changed global […]

Thousands Of Activist Scientists Warn Of Doom Or Something

Usually, the Alarmist wing of the Cult of Climastrology issue their most doomy proclamations prior to each year’s UN IPCC meetings. But, there are always a few that come out during, in order to attempt to give the conference some news bites (this years is pretty much back page news, if mentioned at all). Like […]

Boston Globe: “Hand Over Your Weapons”

It’s great how liberals are always saying “nobody is talking about taking your guns” right before they talk about taking your guns With no end in sight for America's gun epidemic, it may be time to consider a radical approach: seizing millions of weapons from law abiding citizens. My latest in @GlobeIdeas: https://t.co/i4hS6DOo8p — David […]

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