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You Too Can Have A Woke Thanksgiving If You’re Unhinged

This comes yet again from the unhinged tools at Newsweek, which is now apparently attempting to compete with Slate and Salon for nuttiest web outlet https://twitter.com/WilliamTeach/status/933315894813560832 From the link Media outlets have taken notice and are offering quick guidelines on how to best avoid stirring the pot on Turkey Day. But Thanksgiving offers a unique opportunity to civically engage with those […]

If All You See…

…is an evil carbon producing turkey, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is A View From The Beach, with a post on the IRS scoundrels wanting the evidence of their crimes hidden.

Dreamers On Hunger Strike Till Thanksgiving For Clean Amnesty Bill

Remember back in the beginning of October when I mentioned that illegal alien “Dreamers” and their supporters were starting to make noise in favor of a “clean immigration bill”, where the bill would only be about giving legalized status on the way to amnesty, and not include any sort of border security or anything else? […]

There’s A Climate (scam) Dark Side Behind Your Thanksgiving Or Something

Yet another in a long line of unhinged, shrieking, annoying, deranged bat-guano insane articles on Thanksgiving. Which will be recycled for Christmas, you know Behind the delicious foods, Thanksgiving has a dark side The shame of chowing down enough turkey to feed an entire village of Pilgrims isn’t the only reason to feel guilty this […]

NPR: Thanksgiving Is A Great Time To Talk About End-Of-Life Care

It’s the ideal time to have these conversations or something. Let’s first define this, since the article sorta dinks and dunks around what “end of life care” means. The National Institute On Aging writes “End-of-life care is the term used to describe the support and medical care given during the time surrounding death.” This could […]

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