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‘Climate Change’ Is Like A Slowly Boiling Frog Or Something

If you consider “boiling” to be a minuscule 1.4F increase in global temperatures, much of which has been artificially manipulated, over 160+ years Climate change is the slowly boiling frog in the pot of the Earth Imagine you just bumped into a friend you hadn’t seen in ages. Had they gained a little weight or […]

If All You See…

…is an evil plastic water bottle, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is The Hayride, with a post on a military vet snubbing the Saints over their kneeling.

Warmists Sues, Saying Academic Critiques Are Defamation Or Something

As Robert Tracinski points out, this is not how science works. It’s almost like Warmists do not want their studies and such reviewed for accuracy because they have ulterior motives (The Federalist) If we have such an overwhelming scientific “consensus” about the supposed threat of catastrophic man-made global warming—and about the political and economic solutions to […]

Trump Tax Plan Might Get Rid Of Electric Vehicle Tax Break

What is interesting in this is that so many outlets were reporting that the tax break might go away with the GOP tax plan. While they were all guessing, since they didn’t wait for the plan to be released (some were still guessing after it was released), few published anything that said “yeah, it’s going […]

Bummer: Trump’s Illegal Alien Crackdown Threatens Obamacare

Let’s go back in time, shall we? Representative Joe Wilson was excoriated in 2009 for yelling “you lie!” about Obama’s statement that illegal aliens will not receive Obamacare. Politifact went through some serious gymnastics to claim that Joe’s statement was false. Of course, we’ve seen over the years that Joe was correct, and that many […]

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