‘Climate Change’ Is Like A Slowly Boiling Frog Or Something

If you consider “boiling” to be a minuscule 1.4F increase in global temperatures, much of which has been artificially manipulated, over 160+ years

Climate change is the slowly boiling frog in the pot of the Earth

Imagine you just bumped into a friend you hadn’t seen in ages. Had they gained a little weight or gone gray? While you probably spotted some differences in their appearance, compare this to your workmate’s new haircut you didn’t notice last week, or how you didn’t realize how deep the lines under your partner’s eyes had become.

Differences tend to stand out more when there’s been a longer time lapse in between your last rendezvous. But when you hang out with a friend more frequently, your brain simply doesn’t notice the small changes that gradually happen with time.

Now imagine that your friend is climate change.

Since you hang out with them all the time, you don’t really notice when they’ve been getting a little warmer each year, or that their sea level is creeping up around their ankles. Because these changes are more gradual, your brain just doesn’t bother registering all the little bits. But those small shifts add up over time, and the resulting dramatic change often goes unnoticed. That is, until something big happens.

This goes into something called change blindness, where we do not notice tiny changes that occur over time. Because we’re all blind to the tiny, tiny increases in global temperature and the utterly average sea rise that means we are FRICKING DOOMED

It’s like that old adage about dropping a frog into a pot of boiling water. If you drop them in while it’s already hot, they’ll jump out as a survival instinct. But if you place them in room-temperature water and then heat it up nice and slow, the frog won’t notice the slow change, and it’ll be lulled it into a warm, sleepy death.

Now, just for fun, let’s replace that slowly heating frog water with the giant bodies of water we call oceans.

Blah blah blah. Can you guess what’s missing? Proof of anthropogenic causation, which states using the Scientific Method that Mankind is mostly/solely causing the changes.

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