You Too Can Have A Woke Thanksgiving If You’re Unhinged

This comes yet again from the unhinged tools at Newsweek, which is now apparently attempting to compete with Slate and Salon for nuttiest web outlet

From the link

Media outlets have taken notice and are offering quick guidelines on how to best avoid stirring the pot on Turkey Day. But Thanksgiving offers a unique opportunity to civically engage with those closest to us. It’s the dirty work all democracies depend on. So, in an effort to promote thoughtful discussion, here’s Newsweek’s guide to having a conscious, or “woke”, Thanksgiving.

Here are the ideas (you can hit the link if you want the moonbat details

  • Center the struggles facing Native American communities. (you know, those people far, far away that Liberals never see and never meet in places liberals would never go)
  • Volunteer at a local food drive or soup kitchen—and then keep doing it. (this is the kind of thing Christians do just because, not because they are attempting to make themselves feel smug and superior)
  • Climate change is real, so don’t waste food. (better yet, don’t eat)
  • The NFL hid the truth about concussion for decades. Don’t let them get away with it. (well, certainly, this is a real issue. The suggestion here is to nag everyone with it.)
  • The problem is much bigger than Donald Trump. (so, nag everyone about the GOP, tax cuts for the rich, refusing to do amnesty, etc. Better yet, send a check to the IRS and take a bunch of illegals in to your own casa)

So, there you go. A woke T-giving.

BTW, over at the Washington Post, Jeb Lund advises to skip all the guides to arguing with your relatives and friends on Thanksgiving. Even as he positions it from a leftist moonbat #resist POV, he makes sense.

And, unless I run across something really, really good, no more politics, immigration, climate change, etc posts till Friday. Everything will be something else.

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One Response to “You Too Can Have A Woke Thanksgiving If You’re Unhinged”

  1. formwiz says:

    The Lefties have had Democrats with super majorities in both Houses.

    Remind your little snowflake of that and ask him/her/it why all this was fixed than?

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