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Nice Sale On Kanger EVOD E-Cig Starter Kit

I mentioned before that I obtained my Joyetech 510-T e-cig starter kit from myfreedomsmokes.com. I’ve truly enjoyed the 510-T, has worked really well, excellent flavor, though have to avoid some of the heavier e-liquids. Which is fine, because I’ve settled on 3 that I really like. One is a mocha-coffee flavor, my main. A strawberry-chocolate, […]

Paper: Medeival Warm Period Global, And Most Likely Warmer Than Today

Waiting on Warmists to say this is funded by Big Oil in a disinformation campaign in 3..2..1… (The Hockey Schtick) A new paper from SPPI and CO2 Science reviews the scientific literature on the Medieval Warm Period in Upper North America, and concludes, “these published results now join the many other similar results, from all […]

If All You See…

…is a sea that will rise up and cause islands to tip over, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Watts Up With That, with a post on how well the much hyped Warmist program “Years of Living Dangerously” did.

Politifact Finds Kay Hagan’s Tom Tillis Ad “Mostly False”

North Carolina Senator Kay Hagan has found herself in deep trouble for her re-election chances, primarily due to her continued support of, and vote for, Obamacare, ie the “Affordable” Care Act. Tom Tillis is, with all due respect to the other Republicans fighting for the GOP nomination, the strongest in the field. So, what else […]

It’s Come To This: An App That Lets People Narc On “Energy Wasters”

Grist writer Holly Richmond is really pumped up about this There’s no reason for offices to be lit up all night if no one’s around. If seeing a bright skyline pisses you off as much as it inspires awe, LightsOut will help you channel your annoyance. The app LightsOut was just born at Boston’s Cleanweb […]

Good News: IRS Paid Bonuses To Employees Who Were Delinquent On Taxes

Do as I say, not as I do (AP) The Internal Revenue Service has paid more than $2.8 million in bonuses to employees with recent disciplinary problems, including $1 million to workers who owed back taxes, a government investigator said Tuesday. More than 2,800 workers got bonuses despite facing a disciplinary action in the previous […]

GOP Decides On A #FireReid Strategy For Midterms

This was a strategy used effectively during the 2010 mid-terms against Nancy Pelosi. Will it work against Reid? (Boston Herald) To hear party operatives describe the fight for the Senate, it’s the boogeyman billionaires against the shifty septuagenarian. For months, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has been pushing an unrelenting string of criticism against Charles […]

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