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Hooray! Someone Is Finally Going To Cover “Climate Change” On TV

Whew! Our long national nightmare is over It’s About Time Someone On TV News Covered Climate Change Like This Geez, TV news– it’s about time! In a one-hour documentary on Sunday, Ann Curry will be reporting on an angle of climate change that is scarcely found on TV news: that “there is virtually no debate […]

If All You See…

…is a horrid world killing dog, which will cause the world to boil and the seas to rise, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is The Lonely Conservative, with a post on Bobby Jindal’s healthcare plan.

High Flying Christiana Figueres Calls For Leaving Almost All Fossil Fuels In The Ground

This is the same lady who thinks communism is the best way to fight climate change and hates US democracy (via Junk Science) (Reuters) The U.N.’s climate chief called on the oil and gas industry on Thursday to make a drastic shift to a clean, low-carbon future or risk having to leave three-quarters of fossil […]

Maryland Ocare Exchange Has A Net Loss

Remember how Maryland was supposed to be a model for how the new “Affordable” Care Act exchanges would work? Well, that was before their website turned out to be a complete failure. They’re now looking to use the Connecticut exchange software, after pissing away $125 million, which could cost another $30 million or more. Know […]

Could Skeptic Keith Baugues Be The Next Victim Of The Progressive Truth Squad?

We already know that people who fail to toe the Progressive line can be hounded, demeaned, abused, and even forced out of their jobs. Witness Mozilla CEO Brenden Eichs, forced to step down because he dared to donate a measly $1,000 to Proposition 8. Even Andrew Sullivan thought forcing Eichs out was a Bad Idea, […]

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