Hooray! Someone Is Finally Going To Cover “Climate Change” On TV

Whew! Our long national nightmare is over

It’s About Time Someone On TV News Covered Climate Change Like This

Geez, TV news– it’s about time!

In a one-hour documentary on Sunday, Ann Curry will be reporting on an angle of climate change that is scarcely found on TV news: that “there is virtually no debate among climate scientists”–climate change is real and “largely caused by human activity.” Curry will travel to areas high and low in the world, from the Arctic to the Florida seas, and speak to eyewitnesses of the devastating consequences of climate change, NBC News announced Thursday.

Hooray, Ann will take lots of fossil fueled around the world to tell us that fossil fuels are Really Bad. Aren’t you excited?

(Broadway World) The report features ordinary people who say their experiences convince them – they are eyewitnesses to climate change, including the Inuit in Greenland, and the victims of Hurricane Sandy. We also hear from some of the world’s top climate scientists who explain whether there is a link between climate change and extreme storms, like the deep freeze this past winter in places like Atlanta. They also tell us how to get ready for what some call the new normal.

If that’s the new normal, wouldn’t that mean we’re heading into a cooler climate?

Ann Curry Travels the World in Search of Climate Change

Curry’s report will air across all of NBC News’ platforms, including the Today Show, Nightly News, Meet the Press and NBCNews.com. Plus, nbcnews.com/anncurry will feature original digital reports from Italy, Washington state, Florida and Washington, DC and will highlight select viewer social media posts.

Wow, that’s sure going to use quite a bit of energy, which creates “carbon pollution”, eh? Anyhow, let’s see the real consensus

Again, this does not disprove that the earth is currently in a warm period. What it does do is put yet another nail in the coffin that the warming is a result of mostly/solely anthropogenic causes.

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4 Responses to “Hooray! Someone Is Finally Going To Cover “Climate Change” On TV”

  1. Raven says:

    Extreme weather? Deep freezes? Gimme a hot toddy and snowmobile. Weather is no more extreme its just these bed wetting wormers don’t remember when they were kids.

  2. John says:

    Teach do you expect the temps to continue to go up as shown by the graph? Why is there no “pause” shown? If you do think the temps will go up to what do you attribute that ? Do you think that factoid “pause” you keep referring to may just be cherry picked misinformation?

  3. John says:

    Here is what I remember Raven about my childhood in a west of Boston suburb. I remember skating on pond ice in too small year old hockey skates waiting for new Christmas skates. I can distinctly remember my first time on artificial indoor ice, it was as a freshman in high school I can also remember jv hockey practice on pond ice. That no longer happens

  4. John says:

    Teach if it isn’t man what is responsible?

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