High Flying Christiana Figueres Calls For Leaving Almost All Fossil Fuels In The Ground

This is the same lady who thinks communism is the best way to fight climate change and hates US democracy (via Junk Science)

(Reuters) The U.N.’s climate chief called on the oil and gas industry on Thursday to make a drastic shift to a clean, low-carbon future or risk having to leave three-quarters of fossil fuel reserves in the ground.

“The time for experimentation, for marginal changes and for conditional response is now over,” Christiana Figueres told the International Petroleum Industry Environmental Conservation Association (IPIECA) in a speech in London.

I’m sure the fossil fuels industry was thrilled by the notion of firing themselves.

She urged an “urgent transformation” to greener production after top scientists warned on Monday that climate change would damage food supplies, slow economic growth and aggravate the underlying causes of armed conflicts.

Limiting global warming to an agreed U.N. ceiling “means that three quarters of the fossil fuel reserves need to stay in the ground, and the fossil fuels we do use must be utilized sparingly and responsibly,” she said.

By “sparingly and responsibly” she probably means “allowing Christiana to take all sorts of fossil fueled trips around the world while restricting its use for Other People.” Does anyone think she walked to the speech? In the last year she’s given speeches in:

  • Bonn, Germany (twice)
  • Washington, D.C.
  • Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Songdo, South Korea
  • Warsaw, Poland
  • Cambridge, Mass
  • Bogota, Columbia
  • Barcelona, Spain
  • Boston, Mass
  • San Francisco, California

If you continue down the list, you’ll find that she visits all sorts of places around the world. Australia, Barbados, China, Abu Dhabi, Durban, etc, lots and lots of fossil fueled trips. This would be a pure example of what would be termed hypocrisy. It’s also interesting to note that she seems to want to deny the same cheap energy to people in developing nations.

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3 Responses to “High Flying Christiana Figueres Calls For Leaving Almost All Fossil Fuels In The Ground”

  1. john says:

    Teach yes she does have a large carbon footprint BUT hopefully the result of her work will be a reduction in CO2
    Certainly through the efforts and carbon footprint of Al Gore there was a reduction in carbon and an increase in awarness

  2. […] Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). Last year she was reappointed to another three year term, extending the already extensive perks for Figueres who believes Communism is just swell. The No. 1 world polluter, Communist China, donated under $10K to the U.N.’s climate change […]

  3. jl says:

    “A reduction in CO2.” Which will do absolutely nothing, except piss-off a few plants.

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