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Dems Looking To Push Ocare Fixes

Senate Democrats, especially those up for tough re-election fights, are getting a bit antsy regarding how Ocare affects those chances (Fox News) Several Democratic senators reportedly plan to introduce as soon as Thursday a set of principles and legislation aimed at fixing parts of ObamaCare amid concerns the law could cost Democrats House seats and […]

If All You See…

…is a horrible fridge causing it to be super hot in some places and super cold in others, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Free North Carolina, with a post on the real inflation fear.

Dwarf Planet “Biden” Discovered At Fringes Of Solar System

There’s a political joke in there, but, let’s keep this to the realm of coolness (Mercury News) Peering into the far reaches of the solar system, astronomers have spied a pink frozen world 7½ billion miles from the sun. It’s the second such object to be discovered in a region of space beyond Pluto long […]

Climate Scientist Demands IPCC Remove His Name From Report

Why? Because it is extremely alarmist (Daily Mail) A climate scientist has accused the United Nations of being too alarmist over global warming – and demanded his name be removed from a crucial new report. Professor Richard Tol, an economist at the University of Sussex, said fellow UN academics were exaggerating climate change and comparing […]

Oops: California Dem Busted For Gun Trafficking Authored Gun Control Legislation

When I first read the story about a California state representative busted by the FBI, I wondered if he had anything to do with California gun control legislation. Then the Real World intruded for a while, so I never got around to researching. Fortunately, Jason Howerton at The Blaze was able to do a cruise […]

Delicious Irony: Fast Food Union Disallows Any Form Of Protest Against Union

Hypocrisy in Liberal World? Who woulda thunk it? (FloridaWatchdog.org) Workers and organized labor groups took to protesting fast food companies last week in a multi-state effort to build public support for a $15 an hour minimum wage hike. But a peek into one group’s own labor contract reveals a delicious irony. They’ve been protesting for […]

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