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Here We Go: NY Times Editorial Board Wants Massive Regulation On E-Cigs

When we refer to the left as Progressives, what we are talking about, as Jonah Golberg wrote in his book Liberal Fascism, is that they are nice fascists. They’re just here to help. With massive government control. This is why Jonah put a smiley face on the cover. Transfats are bad for you, so they […]

If All You See…

…is extreme snow caused by the oceans boiling due to use of DVRs, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is The Lonely Conservative, with a post on more feminist nonsense.

Surprise: Warmists Blame Washington Landslide On “Climate Change”

Nobody should be surprised, except that it took them till Monday to write up the blame Landslide Kills 8 People In Washington As Climate Change Makes Them More Likely In The Future A fatal landslide on Saturday morning tore down a small community in northwest Washington state, killing at least eight people. Officials said the […]

UN’s WMO Blames Cold And Snow On Global Warming

No one should be surprised in the least that the IPCC will go down this road (Daily Caller) The United Nations’ weather arm says that global warming was responsible for last year’s droughts, heat waves and heavy rains, as well as the freezing cold winters in North America and record sea ice coverage in Antarctica. […]

Obama Decides Ending NSA Bulk Data Collection Is An Awesome Legislative Issue

After fighting against truly restricting the data collection programs by the NSA, which vastly expanded during his own time in office (and, yes, I do throw Blame at Bush and Congressional Dems and Republicans, as well), Mr. Obama has decided that this would be a great issue (NY Times) The Obama administration is preparing to […]

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