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Poll: Public Support For State “Climate Change” Policies Declines

This comes from the University Of Michigan’s Center For Local, State, and Urban Policy The first decade of the 2000s was a period of active and largely unanticipated state engagement in the development of policies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This triggered substantial social science literature that explored the drivers behind climate policy adoption. These […]

If All You See…

…is an evil baby sucking up Gaia’s resources, causing the oceans to boil, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is All American Blogger, with a post on another very civil Democrat.

“Climate Change” Will Make UK Dryer. And Wetter. And Hot. And Cold

In other words, it’s an un-science cult (Guardian) The UK’s weather will become both too wet and too dry – and also too cold and too hot – as climate change increases the frequency of extreme events, the Met Office has warned in a new report. Its scientists concluded that on average the UK will […]

Study: No Increase In Southern Indian Ocean Tropical Storms

One of the big talking points from Warmists, including the IPCC, was that “climate change” would cause more tropical storms, especially landfalling ones, and that they would also be stronger. So far, none of that has come to fruition, especially in the Northern Atlantic. Especially since much of the notion of more storms comes simply […]

Progressives Really Worried About “Slippery Slopes” For Contraception Case

Even a few Leftist Supreme Court justices were worried about “slippery slopes” during the oral arguments Tuesday at the Court. The lawyers should have told them “hey, that’s an interesting point, however, we are concerned with the government forcing our client to provide free abortifacients in the insurance they partially pay for, not some nebulous […]

Surprise: Obama To Allow Delay In Signing Up For Ocare

It’s a small change, but another change to It’s. The. Law. (Washington Post) The Obama administration has decided to give extra time to Americans who say that they are unable to enroll in health plans through the federal insurance marketplace by the March 31 deadline. Federal officials confirmed Tuesday evening that all consumers who have […]

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