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Predictable: Medicaid Expansion Could Cause Bigger Doc Shortage

As it is, there is already a dearth of doctors and medical facilities that accept Medicaid. Why? (NY Times) Dr. Ted Mazer is one of the few ear, nose and throat specialists in this region who treat low-income people on Medicaid, so many of his patients travel long distances to see him. But now, as […]

If All You See…(Turkey Day Edition)

…is an evil fridge holding an evil turkey which cause Bad Weather, you might just be a Warmist, and should spread awareness to all of your evil climate denying relatives as you eat the turkey The blog of the day is 1389, with some Thanksgiving cartoons. We also have, Thanksgiving-wise (these are what was posted […]

Hey, Should We Rethink Turkey On Thankgiving ‘Cause Climate Change?

You didn’t think I would forget to find links between Hotcoldwetdry and Thanksgiving, did you? Silly you Should we rethink Turkey this Thanksgiving? Thanksgiving is almost here, bringing with it the usual choices about which foods to buy. These choices are most often determined by its price, taste, and whether or not it will impress […]

Happy Thanksgiving Pinup!

When Presidents Lie

The Politico’s Gary Bauer has an interesting story about When Presidents Lie, which wonders if Obama can recover. The answer is “probably not” For Richard M. Nixon, it was “I am not a crook,” for George H. W. Bush it was “Read my lips: no new taxes” and for Bill Clinton it was “I did […]

If All You See…

…is horrible concrete, probably at Gumball’s house (hey, he’s the one who brought up concrete), which causes pre-Thanksgiving storms that never happened before CO2 went about 350ppm, you might be a Warmist The blog of the day is The Lonely Conservative, who really made me laugh with the Obamacare Rap, (which was surely deemed raaaaacist […]

More Warmist Thanksgiving Madness

The insanity continues. And, just think, they’ll be able to start whining about Christmas in less than a week! 3 Things To Think About Before Buying Your Thanksgiving Turkey Thanksgiving is time for celebration of family, football, and friends, sandwiched between platters of turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin pie. But when you head out to pick […]

Supreme Court Accepts Obamacare Religious Freedom Suit

This has driven Progressives to their typical barking moonbat level 10 status (The Hill) The Obama administration faces a tough task in convincing the Supreme Court to rule in favor of ObamaCare’s contraception mandate, according to legal experts. They say Chief Justice John Roberts’s court, which upheld the health law in a landmark 2012 decision, […]

Schizophrenic Obama Pivots To Limiting Tax Exempt Groups

Anything to distract from the failure of his “signature legislation”, Obamacare (The Hill) The Obama administration on Tuesday moved to rein in the “dark money” groups that have spent millions of dollars in political campaigns without disclosing their donors. In draft guidance to be issued by Treasury and the IRS, the administration proposes new standards […]

HuffPo Writer Really Hates Thanksgiving

Tammy Bleck is really just writing what most Progressives think (or, really, what they’ve been told to think) Why Thanksgiving Is My Least Favorite Holiday It’s that time of year again. Bah! To say that Thanksgiving is my least favorite holiday would be the understatement of the year. I am clearly not a fan. I […]

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