HuffPo Writer Really Hates Thanksgiving

Tammy Bleck is really just writing what most Progressives think (or, really, what they’ve been told to think)

Why Thanksgiving Is My Least Favorite Holiday

It’s that time of year again. Bah!

To say that Thanksgiving is my least favorite holiday would be the understatement of the year. I am clearly not a fan. I don’t know how much of this attitude comes from my age (I’m over 40. Fine. I’m 60) and how much comes from experience and wisdom. I’m going to go with experience and wisdom here. (snip)

All of this explains a lot about my resistance towards the holiday that celebrates a man taking a piece of country away from its native inhabitants and claiming it for his own. Maybe we should commemorate the holiday by walking into someone’s home and declaring it as ours. Just saying.

Like it or not, Thanksgiving comes around every year. And while I know it’s a time of year to be grateful for our blessings, the thing is, sometimes I don’t feel very grateful. Sometimes I just feel tired and a bit annoyed. Life can be exhausting.

There seems to be so much to worry about this time around. The brewing violence in the Middle East, a Congress of buffoons and a Senate of fools that don’t play well with others, Edward Snowden, federal government closures, global warming, our country’s fiscal uncertainty, illness, loss, epic natural disasters, and let us not forget the still imploding Health Care Act that is limping towards the finish line.

Style points for mentioning Obamacare, just not that many for not calling it Obamacare or even the ACA. Really, Liberals are such downers. Give them a puppy and they’ll focus on the pooping, peeing, and neediness, oh, and that dogs are bad for “climate change”.

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18 Responses to “HuffPo Writer Really Hates Thanksgiving”

  1. Hot_Tea_Drinkin_Gumballs says:

    Another fine example of how our public education system had started failing us early on. She’s over 60 and doesn’t know what the purpose of the Thanksgiving Feast was\is all about?

    Oh, and hey Tammy, if you feel so bad for the Indians and their “stolen” land, then you can always go back to Europe, Ireland, Russia, or wherever your ancestors came from. A nice solid gesture of “giving back” to those your ancestors stole from. Since that seems to be a stick in your craw.

    Or, you can just NOT celebrate and STHU and let everyone else celebrate their American heritage.

    I’m betting Tammy doesn’t get invited over for many parties either.

  2. UncleDan says:

    Notice Tammy isn’t SO upset about land being taken away from the ‘native inhabitants’ that she is going to hand back HER little slice.
    Federal government closures? Are you effing serious? That was WEEKS ago – and they all reopened.
    Illness? Loss? Good God, does this woman have any hope of making it in the world unless all illness and loss are eradicated? And what does she suggest we all do about… illness and loss?
    God spare us any more of these Marxist fools.

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  7. Trish Mac says:

    Yawn. True rabid liberals, are the unhappiest folks on the planet. I just wish they didn’t have the outlets that they now do to tell people of their misery, which just LOVES company. (Of other liberals at least- the rest of us could do without the doom and gloom folks)

    I might add, that at 60, her bragging about her wisdom and experience, is juvenile. Grow up, you’re never going to be that wise and your experience seems lacking!

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone, and try not to read any liberal drivel for the holiday!

  8. Hot_Tea_Drinkin_Gumballs says:

    Since Trish has made this the obligatory post for such a thing (thanks trish!! )


    Yes, I’m joking.

    Enjoy the bounties that you’ve been graced with. After a bout of spinal-chord tumor, I’m grateful to still be cancer free. I’m grateful for my friends, family, their health, my job and that my apt. was not destroyed in the Moore tornado last May.

    and I’m thankful for Football during Turkey day otherwise holidays with family wouldn’t be as entertaining.

  9. Trish Mac says:

    Hear hear GB!!
    Many of us have reasons to be unhappy, but it takes a big heart and a lot more courage to find the good in our lives, and focus on that instead!

    And LOTS of turkey and football makes me HAPPY and very Thanksful!

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  12. JorgXMckie says:

    Her education is sorely lacking. first, do you suppose she can name the incredibly small number of places not currently by those whose ancestors ‘stole’ that land from previous inhabitants? She doesn’t look Chinese, for instance [and the Japanese may have ‘stolen’ Japan from original Ainu inhabitants]. And she evidently doesn’t know that the ‘Native Americans’ who inhabited what is now the US ‘stole it from previous ‘Native Americans’ who in turn ‘stole it from previous ‘Native Americans’ [at least on average].

    Well, she’s a radical liberal, and thus the only knowledge that counts is that which she ‘knows’ [even when or perhaps especially when that knowledge is incorrect] and that which is totally unimportant. Kind of sad, really.

  13. Lazlo says:

    Lady, drown yourself now before you get all bitter on us.
    The Indians that the Pilgrims had Thanksgiving with were only the latest in a long string of usurpers who murdered the former inhabitants for their resources.
    Just because now you’re all civilized and can go outside without undue fear of rape and murder, you think that all periods in history should have behaved to your enlightened standards.
    Since you missed the memo: Judging history by your own bias grants false motives to the actions of historical figures.
    I grow so tired of the juvenile attitude of Liberals that all traditions of the past must be painted with sinister motives in order to validate their own self image of a truly progressive being, evolved and unencumbered by ideals rightfully set aside in the dustbin of history.

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