Elysium Is Really Somewhat Conservative

Many have been chiming in about what a far left socialist/communist propaganda film Elysium is. Consider

(Examiner) Is Hollywood promoting socialism with its new sci-fi movie “Elysium?” That’s the charge being made by some, according to a report published Wednesday at Fox News.

An article at Newsmax, for example, calls it “Matt Damon’s sci-fi socialism,” and describes it further as a “heavy-handed political propaganda flick.”

According to Fox, Variety described it as one of the “more openly socialist political agendas of any Hollywood movie in memory, beating the drum loudly not just for universal healthcare, but for open borders, unconditional amnesty and the abolition of class distinctions as well.” (WT-there are lots of links in the excerpt at Examiner. Writing this on Droid)

Damon and director Neill Blomkamp are saying “no, no, there’s no message!” Which is a bunch of mule fritters (BTW, I love District 9. Good scifi wrapped around a subtle message, in this case apartheid, which scifi often does).

But, let’s consider that this is actually kind of conservative. Glenn Beck was talking about this movie earlier in the day, thinking it was more like Communism (big shots with lots and an underclass in destitude). But, really, what’s left of the earth is basically Detroit once they realize that all those promises can’t be kept.

Squalor, crime, murder, rape, starvation, society having fallen apart. This is Detroit on a planetary scale, while the big shot Liberals live the highlife and avoid the results of their policies. When all the promises fail, this is the end result of Liberal World.

Matt Damon’s character? A conservative. A guy who sees problems and sets out to do something about it through action, not bloviation and spreading awareness and speeches.

I always find it interesting to see the way left side Hollywood treats the poor in movies. They’re always dirty, shabby, starving, stupid, and unable to take care of themselves without crime. Without Government these people are a mess.

Seriously, liberals apparently can’t even bathe themselves without Government. But, notice who the people who do well are: conservatives. They’re out there planting food gardens, fishing, helping others, working together, surviving. Hell, bathing. Wearing decent clothes. They aren’t trying to catch rats to eat. They aren’t depending on Someone Else to take care of them.

Movies like Elysium show the end result of liberal policies designed to help the poor and middle class. Not a pretty picture.

Movies like Elysium also show a profound lack of respect for anyone other than The Rich. It’s no wonder a hero comes along, in this case Matt Damon, to do something, because he or she are tired of all the whining and stench from unwashed liberals.

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4 Responses to “Elysium Is Really Somewhat Conservative”

  1. Kevin says:

    I’ll be quite amazed if it turns out as positive as you believe, Teach. I saw District 9, and by the end of the show I wanted to shoot every single one of those douchebags on both sides. I love scifi, but there wasn’t anything good about that show. Just a bunch of whining. Three well place nukes would have made it much more enjoyable.

    I can’t imagine that adding a Howard Zinn loving communist can lead to a good scifi show. Remember how bad he was in his last attempt – Infinitus, or Inquisition. Influx. Inquest. Something like that. Inflammation? Whatever. It was terrible. I’ll catch it on TV 5 years from now.

  2. You’re probably right, and I should say I have no intention of seeing it. First, I don’t care for the movies Damon does. 2nd, it probably will be a wretched hive of Progressive ideals shove in the face of the viewer.

    3rd, I thought the previews looked terrible.

  3. […] read about it tells me it’s just another film promoting more socialism. But then I read William Teach’s review at The Pirate’s Cove.Squalor, crime, murder, rape, starvation, society having fallen apart. This is Detroit on a […]

  4. A person says:

    This post makes absolutely no sense. Did the author watch the same movie as everyone else?

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