Gun Grabbers Attempt Emotional Assault Against Senator Ayotte

The “pro-gun control” folks, meaning anti-2nd Amendment/pro-gun grabber/people control crowd, aren’t able to win the argument using facts, figures, and adult discourse, so they’ve resorted to what they do best: emotional pleas, and they’ve decided to target Senator Kelly Ayotte, which, to use liberal terminology, rather misogynistic

(Politico) Sen. Kelly Ayotte voted against a bill to expand background checks for purchasers of firearms, and Erica Lafferty, the daughter of the slain principal from Sandy Hook Elementary School, wanted to know why.

Lafferty got her chance at a town hall meeting Tuesday.

“You had mentioned that the burden to owners of gun stores that these expanded background checks would cause,” the 27-year-old Lafferty said. “I’m just wondering why the burden of my mother being gunned down in the hall of her elementary school isn’t as important as that?”

While we are all sorry as to what happened, the true fact is that the background checks bill that failed in the Senate would not have stopped Adam Lanza. Connecticut has one some of the toughest gun control laws in the country yet they still failed to stop him. Britain and Norway, with serious gun restrictions, have seen gun violence.

“It’s disappointing and disgusting that she can pretty much look me in the eye and try to justify my mother’s murder and the murder of five other educators and the murders of 6- and 7-year-olds,” Lafferty said in an interview. “It’s disgusting.”

I’m trying not to be harsh regarding this tragedy and her loss, but this is an emotional argument, of which the media is all too excited to tell us about, being good little liberals. Guns didn’t murder those people: Adam Lanza did. He’s the one who pulled the trigger, having planned it for years, and intentionally went to a gun free zone because it was an easy kill zone. Putting massive burdens on other citizens who committed no crimes is not the answer. But this doesn’t end there, as Ayotte has a target on her back

Kelly Ayotte on defense over gun vote

In the aftermath of the Senate’s failed vote two weeks ago to expand background checks, New Hampshire has suddenly emerged as ground zero in the national battle over gun control, with Ayotte now stuck at the center of the fight.

Powerful outside groups run by former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg are bankrolling ads and vowing to dump huge resources into the state to force Ayotte to reverse her opposition to the bill or pay the political consequences. And after two years of projecting a profile as a foreign policy and deficit hawk, her critics in the state have spent the past two weeks trying to rebrand her as: “NRAyotte.”

The emotional fight threatens to transform Ayotte — a young conservative Republican woman whose star is on the rise — into a polarizing figure back home on a contentious issue. Instead of taking up the banner of gun rights, Ayotte is seeking a lower profile on the subject in a state where she’s become the last Republican in the all-female congressional delegation.

It’s a coordinated Democrat assault on a strong women who fails to share the liberal penchant for draconian gun laws. Were the GOP doing this it would be termed a war on women. The emotional assaults to grab guns are all the liberals have. Let’s point out that many of the people at the town hall, including Lafferty, are not New Hampshire residents, and not Ayotte’s constituents.

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3 Responses to “Gun Grabbers Attempt Emotional Assault Against Senator Ayotte”

  1. Balls_of_Gumwads says:

    Liberalism is truly a sick mental madness. And it gets worse when emotions or emotional issues are brought in to it. Clear minded intelligent thinking people can see that increasing the burden on legitimate people attaining gun by their right, will not stop bad people from getting guns any way they can.

    In this case, Adam got the guns from his mother who was legally allowed to buy, carry, and possess them.

    Adam could have built a poison-tipped dart gun and done as much damage. If not more so because of the silence of the weapon. Or he could have used the favorite tool of Islamists – acid-filled containers.

    hell, he could have used deadly gas attack.

    There is nothing in this world that will stop bad guys from killing innocents. Liberalism is so Fu**ed up that all it will do is cause more bad people to kill more innocents. And they are completely incapable of seeing that, of being able to even think of that.

    Only answer is to out-breed them and raise our new army right from the start from within our homes. Train them to think, to process information, to love this country and learn how and why it was founded. We need to start outnumbering the fools.

    The alternative is rather messy.

  2. gitarcarver says:

    From to linked Politico article:

    Lafferty abruptly walked out of the meeting after Ayotte responded to her question

    To me this shows that Lafferty was not interested in a debate or a discussion. She was simply interested in lecturing Sen, Ayotte.

    That is one of the problems here. The left claims they want to have a “discussion,” but all they really want to do is lecture people.

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