Surprise: Multicultural Education Classes Increase Intolerance

I’m really shocked that the end result of liberal education results in anger, violence, and intolerance. I’d always thought that the fascism of Progress was distinguished from the fascism of the Nazis due to the multiculturalism and tolerance, but, apparently these multiculturalism classes just make haters (and take away from actual learning that can help people in the Real World) (via Moonbattery)

(UK Daily Mail) Children who are given anti-racism lessons in school are more likely to be intolerant outside the classroom, a major study found yesterday.

It said accusing white pupils of racism causes animosity, and discussing sensitive ethnic concerns such as honour killings paints minority group children in a bad light.

The survey said children who live in mixed neighbourhoods are often free of hostility towards other racial groups.

But it found that ‘when more attention in class is being paid to the multicultural society, the liberalising effect of positive contact in class on youngsters’ xenophobic attitude decreases’.

Ok, it’s just one study. Seems to make sense, though

Patricia Morgan, an author on the family and education, said yesterday: ‘If you rub children’s noses in their supposed racism, they resent it.

‘Pupils are being accused of things they haven’t thought or done. Multiculturalism attempts to manipulate children’s thoughts, beliefs and emotions, it amounts to indoctrination, and it doesn’t work. It is counter-productive.

‘This study shows that when people try to manipulate children’s minds, it bounces back on them.’

As Dave Blount puts it “Unless we put multiculturalism behind us and go back to a healthy melting pot approach, moonbatty screeching about racism will become a self-fulfilling prophesy.”

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