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Could A Newer Lawsuit Sink Obamacare?

The longer this turd of a government program sticks around the hard it will be to dismantle it, and it would require a GOP congress and president to repeal it. The soonest would be 2017 (Washington Times) “Obamacare” looks increasingly inevitable, but one lawsuit making its way through the court system could pull the plug […]

If All You See…

…is snow due to too much heat from the fossil fueled car, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Da Tech Guy’s Blog, with a post on Mark Kelly thinking we’re stupid.

Surprise: Warmists Find Another Reason To Not Walk The Talk

Oh, and that capitalism needs to be done away with and replace with Marxism Local schmocal: Why small-scale solutions won’t save the world I have a confession: I’m a cynic when it comes to living small. I like to garden and ride bikes; I buy local whenever I can. But I don’t think my personal […]

Warmist Suggests Hotcoldwetdry Will Cause More Tsunamis

While Warmists call people who do not believe in “climate change” (a wholly unscientific term) anti-science, this is what Warmists call “science” (Don’t be fooled by the spring snows, they are further proof of global warming) Unsurprisingly, David Robert Grimes takes the Warmist line that massive cold and snow is caused by heat, because it […]

Is “Universal Background Checks” Legislation Dying Out?

One of the things about this debate about “universal background checks” is that no one within the elected “representative” community is saying that this is about handguns: it seems to be aimed at all gun purchases and transfers. And, to be honest, I personally have no problem with a quick background check on all gun […]

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