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Obamacare Incompetence

—>shocked face<— (Time) Let me try to understand this: The key incentive for small businesses to support Obamacare was that they would be able to shop for the best deals in health care super-stores—called exchanges. The Administration has had 3 years to set up these exchanges. It has failed to do so. This is a […]

Ladies, Your Hairspry Is Causing Hotcoldwetdry

As Steven Milloy points out, there will be a whole lot of angry women out there if government Does Something (Deseret News) There are dozens upon dozens of household products that Utah air quality regulators may decide to impose new restrictions on as part of the effort to clean up the air. It will include […]

If All You See…

…is the sign for an evil Big Oil company, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Haunting the Library, with a post on CDC calling earthquakes “weather”

Bummer: Lambs Frozen In 20 Foot Deep Snowdrifts Means Climate Change Bigger Threat Than WWII

Sigh (Guardian) How should we – not just the farmers but all of us, in Britain and worldwide – respond to the report from Wales that sheep are dying by the hundreds in snowdrifts up to 20 feet deep? So if we were serious – if we really thought about the present with compassion, and […]

Ben Carson: White Liberals Are Pretty Darned Racist

Color me shocked! White liberals being racist? (Mediaite) On his radio show last night, Mark Levin had on newfound conservative “hero” Dr. Ben Carson to discuss all the lashings he’s received from the “left-wing media” over his views on gay marriage and religion. While discussing his being a black conservative, Carson told Levin that, in […]

Post Election, Obama Admin. Signs On To UN Arms Treaty

Surprise! (The Hill) The Obama administration defied a majority of the Senate on Tuesday by voting to approve a United Nations treaty on the trade of small arms and other conventional weapons. The treaty, overwhelmingly approved by the U.N., requires countries to create internal mechanisms to ensure that their arms exports aren’t likely to be […]

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