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Bummer: 4 Ways Hotcoldwetdry Will Become Annoying In Some Far Off Time

You know what would be really annoying? Another mini-cool period, what with all the mass starvation, inability to grow wheat, shortened growing seasons, Black Plague, lakes and rivers drying up as the water is locked up in ice and snow….sounds fun, eh? 4 annoying ways climate change will make your life a bummer Within the […]

If All You See…

…is an ocean that will rise up and cause islands to tip over, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Public Secrets, with a post on Obamacare being too complex per an Obamacare designer.

Dems Heart Taxes

They do, they really, really do! (Washington Post) A clear majority of Americans have an unfavorable view of the federal income tax system, according to new Washington Post-ABC News polling. But, in a somewhat remarkable finding, a majority of Democrats view the tax system in a positive light while Republicans and Independents carry the exact opposite view. […]

Here We Go: “Climate Change” To Shift Red Wine Production Very Far To The North

Facts: a .08C increase in global temperatures since 1997. A miniscule .28F from 1990-2012. Varying data collections which show warming has paused anywhere from 15-19 years. Warmists who think this is all so dire that they refuse to give up their own fossil fueled lifestyles and refuse to go carbon neutral. Their cult is dying […]

Obama Unveils His “Take it Or Leave It” $3.77 Trillion Budget

Said budget has managed to annoy both Democrats and Republicans (Washington Post) President Obama plans Wednesday to unveil a $3.77 trillion spending plan that proposes modest new investments in infrastructure and education, major new taxes for the wealthy and significant reforms aimed at reducing the cost of Social Security and Medicare. As Washington barrels toward […]

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