Bummer: 4 Ways Hotcoldwetdry Will Become Annoying In Some Far Off Time

You know what would be really annoying? Another mini-cool period, what with all the mass starvation, inability to grow wheat, shortened growing seasons, Black Plague, lakes and rivers drying up as the water is locked up in ice and snow….sounds fun, eh?

4 annoying ways climate change will make your life a bummer

Within the next few decades, carbon emissions could cause global temperatures to rise between 4 and 11 degrees Fahrenheit, melting ice caps and causing sea levels to rise. The price of crops like coffee and chocolate will skyrocket, and countless cuddly animals around the globe could be wiped out. And yet, a lot of people find it hard to really care about climate change. But don’t be fooled: Climate change will affect you. Here’s a brief sampling of ways that warmer temperatures will suck the fun out of your life:

  1. Your flights will be more turbulent (actually, the scientists making this claim say it could occur, as usual, hedging their bets, and there is no hard evidence to support the notion)
  2. Your ski vacation will be ruined (wait, I thought current New Climate Denier dogma stated that winters will now be more snowy because Someone Else (probably you!!!!) refused to give up your SUV and ride a bicycle to work)
  3. Your allergy symptoms will be way worse (doesn’t bother me, I’m allergic to dust mites, so, whatever the season, it can screw with me, but, hey, I’d much prefer warmer than colder. Anyhow, the great thing is modern science allows for the creation of allergy pills. Must have sucked during the previous warm periods.)
  4. You’ll have a harder time getting drunk (yes, that’s right, they’re claiming that a bit of warmth – well, really, they’re prognosticating massive increases, despite a big pause even with rising CO2 levels – will make getting beer a luxury. This harkens to a 2009 report about issues with hops growing in Germany and Slovenia because it’s gotten warmer. They should look at more current data, which is seeing cooler temps in those areas)

Can you figure out what’s missing? Any proof that the current warm period is anything but mostly or solely natural. Weird that.

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3 Responses to “Bummer: 4 Ways Hotcoldwetdry Will Become Annoying In Some Far Off Time”

  1. john says:

    Teach Americans are believing in climate change. They see it with their own eyes. And that little miniscule temp change(why is it that you always use 1997 AND why not use the NOAA temps?) has resulted in melting of the polar ice cap AND last year was the hottest year in US history. And remember that little average temp differences can make BIG changes, the Ice AGE temps were 4C colder.

  2. John, the data comes from the Met office, one of the major suppliers of climate data to the IPCC. The quotes time periods highlight the insanity of what you’re pushing.

    Why do you use 1980 as a starting point?

    And none of what you wrote proves anthropogenic causation.

    But, you do use the political term climate change. And we all know this is political. Otherwise you’d be interested in actual scientific data.

  3. Gumball_Brains says:

    For humans to believe that they can control the natural processes of a planet that gave them birth, is inherently egotistical and deadly. And, it is antithetical to our human belief system that there is always something\someone higher than us.

    John, do you see yourself as a god that you can control natural processes?

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