Warmist Suggests Hotcoldwetdry Will Cause More Tsunamis

While Warmists call people who do not believe in “climate change” (a wholly unscientific term) anti-science, this is what Warmists call “science”

(Don’t be fooled by the spring snows, they are further proof of global warming)

Unsurprisingly, David Robert Grimes takes the Warmist line that massive cold and snow is caused by heat, because it surely couldn’t be caused by cold (sic). According to their meth addled hypothesis, the last glacial period was caused by it getting really hot.

While it may seem paradoxical that Arctic warming can freeze us so much, it is exactly what climate scientists have long predicted. And it will get worse.

Actually, none of them predicted this. This is Warmists trying to manufacture a way to keep pushing their cult (while refusing to practice what they preach). And, it doesn’t seem paradoxical: it just seems stupid and drug addled.

…ancient ice cores yield a record of temperature and atmosphere over hundreds of millennia, and shows our current rate of warming is hundreds of times beyond anything that has gone before, coinciding with the dawn of industrialisation.

Except for all those pauses in warming that have occurred since this warm period started. You have roughly 3 big warm trends (1850-1900, 1920-1947, 1978-1997) since 1850, with pauses and, in the case of the late 40’s-late 70’s, a dip. Anyway, here’s the fun part

..Two years on, it bears repeating that the Fukushima accident of 2011 has killed nobody and likely never will. The 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, by contrast, killed more than 18,000. If nothing substantial is done, such disasters will increase in both frequency and intensity

And there you go, this Climate Astrologer is actually pushing that the 2004 tsunami was caused by “climate change”. Sadly, most warmists are probably thinking “yes, it was”. And you call climate realists “anti-science”? You Warmists would probably burn Galileo at the stake.

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6 Responses to “Warmist Suggests Hotcoldwetdry Will Cause More Tsunamis”

  1. gumball_brains says:

    Hoh-Oh-LY Frack!!!

    Am sure he was referring to the fact that since the ocean has risen a few inches over the last hundred years due to our coming out of our last glacial period, that this is what led to the EXTENSIVE nature of the devastating tsunami. Had the tsunami been in cooler waters only 2 inches shallower, no one would have lost their lives.

    you see, warmer water is faster water. And as john knows, warmer water stores more moisture and is thus heavier. Heavier water crushes you more when it comes from a 2-story tsunami.

    makes perfect sense to me.

  2. john says:

    50% of all Republicans now say they believe in climate change.

  3. gumball_brains says:

    that stuff just comes right out of your arse, doesn’t it? All that crap must really cause you to go through alot of toilet paper.

  4. Hey, I believe in climate change and global warming, just not anthropogenic.

    Uh, and the majority of Democrats are 9/11 Truthers, ie bat shit crazy assholes.

  5. Gumball_Brains says:

    Teach, don’t badmouth 9/11 truthers like that. Not all of them are “bat-shit crazy asshole” democrats. Some are just lazy agnostic anarchists. But, all democrats are “bat-shit crazy assholes”.

  6. Heh, good point.

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