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Joe Being Joe: “Transgender Discrimination The Civil Rights Issue Of Our Time”

If you would, just imagine a facepalm gif here, OK? (The Blaze) During an address to an Obama for America Florida field office on Tuesday, Vice President Joe Biden apparently told volunteers and reporters that transgender discrimination is “the civil rights issue of our time.” When a woman (Biden said her beautiful eyes caught his attention) asked […]

October Hurricanes More Prevalent When CO2 Was Below 350ppm

An interesting graphic via Steven Goddard As Steven points out: “October hurricane strikes occurred almost three times as often during the 19th century as they do now. They used to happen about once every 1.7 years, and now they happen about once every five years.” So, perhaps that means that anthropogenic global warming, also known as “climate change”, […]

If All You See…

…is the outcome of food shortages from too much use of fossil fuels (by others), you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Watts Up With That?, with a post on who does/doesn’t believe Sandy was caused by Mankind. And a second blog, No Fracking Consensus, with a post on the […]

Whoa! I Barely Recognize Parts Of The Jersey Shore Post Sandy

I grew up in a little town called Brielle. I spent lots and lots of time in Manasquan, especially at the beach. Without a caption, I wouldn’t even been able to tell you where this was in Manasquan (pics via The Star Ledger and Andrew Mills, with many more) For those in the know, that […]

Liberals So Stressed By Election That They Can’t Exercise Or Sleep

Funny stuff, via Mary Katherine Hamm (San Fran Chronicle) There’s no shortage of their kind in the politically bluest parts of California. Liberals so freaked out about the prospect of President Obama losing his re-election bid that they can’t sleep at night. Can’t talk about anything else. Can’t stop parsing the latest polls. For the […]

Obama To Sandy Victims: “We Leave Nobody Behind”

Obama was out trying to “look” presidential yesterday in the wake of Sandy, and I caught this Obama to Sandy victims “America is with you”. Yeah, we were with Benghazi victims, too. But, you weren’t, champ! — WilliamTeach (@WilliamTeach) October 30, 2012 The whole “hey, look, I’m acting presidential” speech was even worse, and he […]

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