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Team Obama Uses Puerto Rican Flag To Push Obama’s Plan

Organizing for America wants all their peeps to push out Obama’s marvelous, stupendous, world changing, er, miniscule 5 page plan (6 if you count the cover page) to all the people they no longer want to be friends with. On the 5th page they used the…..Air Force symbol, which, I guess they can sort of […]

If All You See…

…is an evil fossil fueled vehicle, a smartphone that sucks vampire electricity, and a bad orange tan from too much exposure to the sun aggravated by atmospheric CO2, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Plank’s Constant, with a post on Osama and Gaddafi registering to vote in (surprise!) Chicago.

Know Why Hotcoldwetdry Is Dying? Racism

I read this David Roberts piece over at Grist the other day, but, I missed an important part. Fortunately, Steven Goddard points it out. Roberts starts out with  Watch this absolutely extraordinary video from the 1988 vice presidential debate, dug up by Brad Johnson of Forecast the Facts: This is from 1988 — 24 years […]

Obama Increasingly Angry, Desperate, And Un-Presidential

So writes Commentary’s Jonathan S. Tobin As I wrote last night, President Obama’s attack mode during the Boca Raton debate seemed to suggest that he was the challenger trailing in the race rather than the incumbent nursing an alleged lead. But the president’s nasty streak is also displaying itself on the campaign trail, where he […]

Emails Confirm White House Informed Of Possible Terrorist Attack In Benghazi Within Two Hours

Reuters provides their own little “October Surprise”, one entirely of the Obama administrations making. We know that the State Dept. was initially labeling the attack on our Benghazi consulate as a terrorist attack, before switching over to the “it was a spontaneous attack that got a bit chippy”. The White House and State has since […]

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