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Questions For Obama On Benghazi

The Weekly Standard’s Stephen F. Hayes has 20 question for POTUS If the president really wants to level with the American people, here are some questions he needs to answer. 1. Were there references to Libyan security threats in the President’s Daily Brief (PDB) during the three weeks before the attacks in Benghazi? 2. If […]

UN: Don’t Elect Romney, He’s A Big Meanie

And why is he mean? (Breitbart) The United Nations Special Rapporteur on Counter-Terrorism and Human Rights has warned Americans not to elect Republican Mitt Romney in next month’s presidential election, saying that doing so would be “a democratic mandate for torture.” The UN’s Ben Emmerson was referring to Romney’s refusal to rule out the use […]

If All You See…

…is a desert caused by someone using more than two sheets of TP, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is And So It Goes In Shreveport, with a post on the upward Romney trend. And, why, yes, this week is Orange. And, in reference to an email I received, if […]

Crazy Warmist Wants To Feed People Oxytocin To Change Their Behavior

Tom Nelson calls this a video that you can’t miss, which includes this quote from NYU Bioethicist S. Matthew Liao “if you can give something like oxytocin to people, then maybe they’ll be more willing to cooperate, to care more about the environment, care more about the big global collective action issues…” Perhaps Warmists should […]

Yes, The World Really Did Stop Warming 16 Years Ago

The UK Daily Mail provides a follow on their report about warming ending 16 years ago Last week The Mail on Sunday provoked an international storm by publishing a new official world temperature graph showing there has been no global warming since 1997. The figures came from a database called Hadcrut 4 and were issued […]

5 Things To Watch For In Final Debate, For Those Who Aren’t Watching Football

First of all, I’d love to know which fools decided scheduling the final debate on a Monday night against football was a bright idea. Unless Mitt gets some serious knockout blows, the Credentialed Media will be allowed to spin the debate as either a draw or an Obama win, since the viewership will certainly be […]

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