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Good Grief: Liberals Wonder If Romney Cheated During Debate

Lefties simply can’t believe that Obama was unprepared, incompetent, bored, out of answers, and a SCOAMF. No…. Mitt Romney’s campaign is shooting down a simmering online theory the Republican nominee used a “cheat sheet” in Wednesday night’s debate against President Barack Obama. The theory — extensively documented by the liberal blog Daily Kos and picked […]

If All You See…

…is rising ocean that will end liberal Manhattan cocktail parties, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Victory Girls Blog, with a post on Al Gore’s silly reasoning as to why Obama got butthurt at the debate, and some eye candy for the ladies.

Warmist Provides 3 Approaches For “Engaging US Climate Deniers”

Personally, were I still a Warmist, I’d engage Climate Realists by showing them I was doing all I can to live the carbon neutral lifestyle, but, hey, that’s me. The Energy Collectives Tom Schueneman takes another approach Property Rights: Conservative and libertarian thought are defined by a few basic principles. One of the central tenants […]

Romney: “You Know Obama’s A Complete SCOAMF On Libya, Right?”

OK, he didn’t call Obama a stuttering clusterf*ck of a miserable failure, but, dog whistle, you know? (Fox News) Mitt Romney, fresh off what by most accounts was his victory Wednesday night in the first debate with President Obama, said in a Fox News interview that the deadly consulate attack in Libya was a “tragic […]

Is It Racist To Mention That The Unemployment Rate Has Been 8%+ For “44” Straight Months?

You know, since Obama is the 44th president, and since everything else, including the words Chicago and golf, are considered racist to mention (WRAL) With a month to go until the presidential election, the government on Friday issues its September jobs report, expected to show an uptick in the U.S. unemployment rate after employers added […]

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