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Obama Giving Up On North Carolina?

Via Ace, who positions that Obama is pulling out (Politico) The president’s campaign has remained on the television airwaves and his wife made a prominent debate-day push in advance of early-voting kicking off in the state. However, President Obama has not stepped foot in the state since his convention drew to a close nearly six […]

Apparently I’m Funded By The Energy Industry

I mentioned this unhinged Daily Beast article earlier in the day, meant to hold off on it till this afternoon, because this is hilarious (via Climate Depot) In short, nearly every climate skeptic been funded by the energy industry. Where’s my cash? Um, who are the Warmists funded by? And why are they making so […]

If All You See…

…is an evil CO2 infused can of beer, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Maggie’s Farm, which wonders if the debate was boring or a slugfest (check out the cartoon at the end)

Warmists Upset Climate Change (Hoax) Ignored Yet Again During Debate

Sorry, Warmists, there was already enough of one fake issue, the War On Wymen, didn’t have time for another. Here’s an outraged Soros funded Climate Progress Those concerned about climate change were sorely disappointed during Tuesday night’s town hall-style debate when both the candidates and the moderator — CNN’s Candy Crowley — failed to address […]

Debate 2: Obama Edges Out Romney Slightly, But Not On Economy

For those who watched, it was a lively debate. Interestingly, I listened to the first 45 minutes on the radio, and it was the reverse of the previous. The first debate, which I listened to mostly on the radio, Obama sounded very good. But, it was seeing him on TV that killed him. This time, […]

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