Warmists Upset Climate Change (Hoax) Ignored Yet Again During Debate

Sorry, Warmists, there was already enough of one fake issue, the War On Wymen, didn’t have time for another. Here’s an outraged Soros funded Climate Progress

Those concerned about climate change were sorely disappointed during Tuesday night’s town hall-style debate when both the candidates and the moderator — CNN’s Candy Crowley — failed to address the issue of climate change, even during a lengthy and heated exchange about energy issues.

“I had that question for all of you climate change people,” said Crowley in the post-debate coverage. “We just, you know, again, we knew that the economy was still the main thing so you knew you kind of wanted to go with the economy.”

Obama started off the debate with a strong nod to renewable energy, explaining that we need to invest in “solar and wind and biofuels, energy efficient cars.” But after a voter asked about gas prices, both Obama and Romney proceeded to battle over who could drill more fossil fuels. (At one point, the two men closed in on each other, pointed fingers, and raised their voices over how much oil production had increased). (snip)

And there you have it. The deafening sound of climate silence.

And then Obama jumped his fossil fueled limo and drove to the airport (with lots of SUVs leading and following in the convoy) and took a fossil fueled flight.

And Grist

Energy issues were front and center at Tuesday night’s presidential debate, starting right with the candidates’ first set of answers. But that wasn’t good news for climate hawks.

Climate change got not a single mention — partly the fault of moderator Candy Crowley. After the debate, Crowley said on CNN that one of the town-hall audience members had wanted to ask a climate question, but she didn’t call on that person.

These same “climate hawks” then jumped in their fossil fueled vehicles to head off to work this morning after reading the article.

And here’s uber-warmist Brad Johnson

The Daily Beast is upset because “The Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy to Lie About Climate Change Has Worked”.

International Business Daily was thrilled

Global warming hasn’t been a point of contention in the presidential campaign. This is as it should be, because it’s not a real issue. Earth’s temperature is about the same now was it was in 1997.

In fact, we don’t believe it’s ever been a real issue. Global warming has always been an idea, a guess. We’ve never been satisfied that man’s small contributions to the carbon dioxide level in our atmosphere were causing the planet to overheat. (snip)

It isn’t dead yet, but the global warming game is winding down. Fraud always has an expiration date.

If Warmists want to convince us that the issue is real, rather than just an instrument to push the world towards far left Progressivism, they’d get out there and stop using fossil fuels, take 2 minute showers (1 a day!), unplug all appliances not in use, and send lots of money to the federal treasury. They won’t.

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  1. Trish says:

    Yes, and this is great news. If they bring it up it gives it credence. Not a whole lot of course and surely disputable, but we don’t need to feed the falsehoods any longer.

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